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“Yabasi” is Basketmouth’s actualization journey to his first love

Popular comedian, Basketmouth released his first album titled “Yabasi” igbo word for onions today, which is the official soundtrack album to his comedy web series “Papa Benji”. His comedy web series will premiere on the 4th of December, 2020 at IMAX, Lekki. He declared in an interview with coolfm that the name was chosen because the web series is built on different layers of his life, amongst other things. In an interview with NdaniTV in 2014, Basketmouth disclosed that although comedy found him, music was his first love and he had intentions to complete that journey. Six years later, Yabasi is a step towards actualizing that dream.
The album contains 10 mind blowing tracks : Peppersoup, Myself, Ride or Die, World people, Life, One Bo, December, Papa Benji, Hustle and Udo. The artistes involved in this projects are : Oxlade, show Dem camp, Duncan Mighty, Ice prince, Waje, Ladipoe, Umu Ogbiligbo, Peruzzi, Chike, Zoro, Play, Flash, BOJ, Ceeza Milli, Flavour, Phyno, Ill Bliss, The Cavemen, Bez and Dice Ailes. All mixed by Tee-y mix.
The Project exudes deliberate design and creative crafting from the instrumentals and varying sounds of highlife, afro-pop and hip-hop to the artistes on the album. It is unique, melodious and very easy to be loved by all who listen to it. It captures quite melodiously the daily struggles of its average listener. Another theme the album focuses on is love and its importance for our sustenance as the social beings we are craving connection, which separates this body of work by far and large from any other Nollywood soundtrack. It has officially raised the bar for soundtracks and sounds in the Nigerian storytelling industry. This album comes highly recommended by us at the PGM club for as you know, we are all about pushing good music.

Show Dem Camp Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane On ‘That Year’ With Sir Dauda

Nigerian rap duo, Show Dem Camp has come a long way. Right from their well-received debut album, “The Dreamer Project” in 2011, down to their latest, “Palmwine Express,” Ghost and Tec have seen it all. They’ve scored nationwide hits, had projects ignored by the mainstream, and again bounced back with the cultural and commercial successes of their Palmwine Music series. Right now, they are even selling out their own annual live show, Plamwine Music Fest.

It is all this and more they document on their latest release. Titled ‘That Year’, Show Dem Camp takes us on a quick trip through the years of their exploits in the Nigerian music space with this record. In fact, the single is dedicated to the “day 1’s” who have been following that journey from the very beginning.

Three long years after their ‘Live, Love, Laugh, Eat’ collaboration off the critically acclaimed “Clone Wars 3,” the pair reunites with the sweet-singing Sir Dauda for ‘That Year’. They also secured help from their longtime friend and collaborator, Ikon who produced the track.

‘That Year’ is Show Dem Camp’s first single of the year, coming five months since “Palmwine Express.” The star-studded album whose guestlist contains frequent collaborators BOJ, Ajebutter 22 and Ladipoe. It also features Nonso Amadi, Moelogo, Tomi Agape, Worlasi, Flash, Burna Boy, and Falana.

Enjoy the reflective single above and let us know what you think.

SDC Casts Sheyi Shay For Cinematic ‘Do Me Nice’ Video With Buju

Iconic rap duo Sho Dem Camp has finally unveiled the visuals for the Buju-featured ‘Do Me Nice’, one of the fan-favourite cuts off their 2019 “Palmwine Express” project. This is also the first video to be released off the highly collaborative album.

The video finds the three acts having a heated at a table with a loaded gun being carelessly passed around. All this is done just to win over the affection of the femme fatale played by Sheyi Shay, She appears to be enjoying this so much, laughing hysterically as they all swear their affection for her by the gun. The video ends rather tragically with a couple of dead bodies and no apparent winner.

The video, directed by Viktor Awuse for the Prassars Collective and produced by Mainland production/Lex, Ladder and Booker offers a dark twist to the smooth and infectious single.

Catch Up On The Lyrics To SDC’s ‘Savage’ With Ladipoe

On the very first day of 2019, Show Dem Camp laid a gift on the doorstep of unsuspecting fans. Just a few months after their “Palmwine Music 2” tape, the iconic rap duo released the fourth instalment of their celebrated Clone War series subtitled “These Buhari Times.”

The well-received project opened the year on a very high note for Nigerian hip-hop fielding appearances from some of our sharpest wordsmiths including M.I Abaga, Ladipoe, Vector, Dap the Contract, O_Zone, Phlow and Boogey. And although we don’t have any videos from that entire project, we finally have something very close to it.

Days after previewing clips on social media, SDC has released the lyric video for one of the highlights of the tape, ‘Savage’ guesting the self-ascribed leader of the revival, Ladipoe. Over the hard-hitting Spax production the trio laid down some of the most remarkable bars on the tape, all coming through with overbearing confidence. The record climaxes with a standout performance from the Mavin-signed rapper Ladipoe who wraps up the “barfest” with sparkling fireworks.

Now thanks to this video of the rappers spitting their verses on the streets of Lagos in the wee hours, we can now catch up to all the snarky punchlines littered across the track. Enjoy!

SDC Premiere New Project Palm Wine Express on PGM Radio (Podcast)

On the heels of their widely acclaimed Album Clone Wars IV: These Buhari Times. We sit down with rap duo; Tec and Ghost; both members of Nigeria and Africa’s foremost Rap group; Show Dem Camp to discuss their brand new project; The Palmwine Express.

Building on the success of their just concluded Palmwine Music Festival in London and Berlin, events proudly powered by The PGM Club,  SDC (Show Dem Camp) deliver a well thought out body of work featuring the global Afro-beat sensation that is Burna Boy and a host of verified musical talents from the delectable Tems to the multi-talented Tomi Thomas, Nonso Amadi, BOJ, Wani, Buju, Moelogo, Amaarae and Nsikak.
We at The PGM Club were delighted and privileged to premiere this amazing new project on the PGM Radio Show.  Listen to the podcast to get the full gist of the interview.
Get the Album here:

Listen To Show Dem Camp’s New Album, “The Palmwine Express”

Palmwine season here again! Iconic Nigerian hip-hop duo, Show Dem Camp has released the third instalment in the Palmwine Music series “The Palmwine Express”, earlier today, December 13. This project comes just about 12 months after their year-opening tape, “These Buhari Times,” a pristine hip-hop full-length which many swear is the best Nigerian rap project of 2019. This project was premiered on the PGM Radio Show With Douglas Jekan on Wednesday, December 11.

Show Dem Camp kicked off the Palmwine Music series in 2017 with a 6-track EP that featured appearances from Odunsi (The Engine), BOJ, Funbi, Ladipoe and Ajebutter 22. Following the success of that tape, they also launched their annual Palmwine Music Festival that same year. In 2018, the duo released the second instalment of the series, a 10-track project this time, with an expansive guest list that includes Nonso Amadi, Moelogo, Tomi Agape, Worlasi, Flash, Burna Boy, and Falana. Frequent collaborators, BOJ, Ajebutter 22 and Ladipoe also reappeared on “Palmwine Music 2.”

On this highly collaborative, Spax-produced 12-track album, Show Dem Camp brings along a host of friends, frequent collaborators and other super gifted acts. Across the album, you’d be hearing the familiar vocal contributions of Funbi, Nonso Amadi, Boj, Moelogo and Tomi Thomas who had all appeared either on Palmwine Music 1 or 2. The Palmwine Music first-timers featured on this project include Tems, Amaarae, Wani, Fasina, Buju and Nsikaka David.

The accompanying Palmwine Music Fest is scheduled to hold on Saturday, December 28 at the Muri Okunlola Park.

Listen to the album here.

SDC To Premiere “The Palmwine Express” On The PGM Radio Show Tonight!

Iconic rap duo, Show Dem Camp and the team are premiering their new album, “The Palmwine Express” on the PGM Radio Show with Douglas Jekan today, December 11. This would be the first time the project would be aired, prior to its official release this Friday, December 13. To listen to the project, remember to tune in to the PGM Radio Show on the Beat 99.9 FM at 10 pm today.

Alongside unveiling the track list and announcing the availability of the coming project for pre-order yesterday, the duo has released the first single off “The Palmwine Express.” This new record titled ‘Cool Me Down‘ features a Palm Wine Music first-timer, Fasina, and is produced by the usual suspect, Spax.

This is a chilled and seamless blend of rap, Afro-pop and West African rhythms over a scintillating Spax production laced with a stifling bass-line and occasional brass riffs. Fasina finds himself on hook-duty and does so well in delivering to a soothing and melodious one. The hook is one that’s so easy to sink in, making the record so infectious, one that’d have us salivating for the main dish on Friday. Across the record, Ghost, Tec and Fasina detail their romance with their sweethearts.

Listen to the record here.

Show Dem Camp Announces The Release Of Their Next Project

Palmwine season is once again upon us! Iconic Nigerian hip-hop duo, Show Dem Camp have announced the release of the next entry in the Palmwine Music series, titled “The Palmwine Express.” Scheduled for release next week Friday, December 13, this comes about 12 months after their year opening tape “These Buhari Times,” one many swear is the best Nigerian rap project of 2019.

Show Dem Camp kicked off the Palmwine Music series in 2017 with a 6-track EP that featured appearances from Odunsi (The Engine)BOJ, Funbi, Ladipoe and Ajebutter 22. Following the success of that tape, they kicked off their annual Palmwine Music Festival that same year. In 2018, the duo released the second instalment of the series, a 10-track project this time, with an expansive guest list that includes Nonso AmadiMoelogoTomi AgapeWorlasiFlashBurna Boy, and Falana. Frequent collaborators, BOJAjebutter 22 and Ladipoe also reappeared on “Palmwine Music 2.” And now, to the delight of many, the third instalment of one of the most successful Nigerian rap series is almost here.

Yesterday, Ghost and Tec took to their social media pages to announce the project as well as unveil its cover art and release date.”Our new project…The Palmwine Express 🌴 arrives December 13th. Who’s onboard 🚊” they posted alongside the cover art on Instagram.


View this post on Instagram


Our new project…The Palmwine Express 🌴 arrives December 13th. Who’s onboard 🚊

A post shared by King Davies (@showdemcamp) on Dec 3, 2019 at 10:02am PST

Watch this space for any more information on the coming project.

Best Rapper In Africa Or Nah: What’s Next For Nigerian Hip-hop?

Immediately Blaqbonez crowned himself the best rapper in Africa, all hell broke loose on Nigerian hip-hop. The  100 Crowns rapper first made this audacious claim in the maiden edition of the AKtivated Sessions titled ‘Best Rapper In Africa and the reaction was volcanic.  The hip-hop community quickly spiralled into long polarising debates over the validity of Blaq’s claims. While some admired his confidence and assertiveness, others dismissed him as a nuisance and an attention seeker who had nothing to back such daring claim. 

If attention was the goal, Blaqbonez definitely got it.

The debates further diffused into claims and counterclaims, diss tracks flying around with not-so-subliminal shots, directed at the rapper and his associates. After a couple of weeks, the pink-haired rapper reaffirmed his claim in his latest release ‘Best Rapper In Africa’ where he took aim at rappers like TenTik, Holyfield and also called out some of his colleagues for being craven. This, in turn, generated swift responses from Payper Corleone, VaderDavid Meli and many others. Even the OGs aren’t left out of the frenzy as a video surfaced of AQ, Loose Kaynon and SDC’s Ghost in a heated debate on who was a better rapper. 

And all this just mean one thing to the fans, excitement. 

The last time Nigerian hip-hop got its fans this elated was in February when the scorching LAMB-Martell Cypher dropped. The culture has always thrived on competition and with projector missiles flying all around,  fans are ravishing in euphoria right now. It’s a common saying that when two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. But in hip hop, when rappers square against each other, the only true winners are the fans.  But sadly, the euphoria is going to wear off soon. People are bound to move on. And when they do, what is left?

Nigerian hip-hop has been in a sorry state for years now and despite the several efforts being made for its rejuvenation, the future isn’t looking too bright yet. And this is not for a lack of talent – after all, we can boast of some of the best rappers on the continent – or creativity. Regardless,  it seems Nigerians have just moved on to drown their pain and realities in afrobeats. Enough has been said on what hip-hop needs to get itself on its feet again. Multiple articles have been written, plans drafted, discussions had and more. 

If not optimized, this excitement and attention Nigerian rap and rappers are getting at the moment will fizzle out back to where we started. But some things can be done to sustain some of the eyes and ears that have been captured in this whole episode for the good of the culture. 

To start with, Nigerian rappers simply need to put out good music. That’s where it all starts from, the music. The problem is that many are still stuck in the ‘golden days’ and as such have refused to evolve with the times. Each age has its demands. Some are stuck on 90s-type boom-bap beats all in the name of keeping it real, and then turn around to guilt-trip the fans and media for lack of support when the record simply doesn’t pop. This was what Blaq had in mind when he rapped “If the music ain’t good it ain’t moving/ Your aesthetics will not replace the music.

Snap out of your obsession with the past. Listen, research and understand the sonic demands of the times and let that influence how you make music. The music world today is big on bending and fusing/melding genres. The lines between genres are so blurry today that they might as well be nonexistent. Experiment with other sounds that appeals to new audiences. Approach other genres from a rap perspective. 

Show Dem Camp did this with Palm Wine Music to positive results. The move has been commercially rewarding as they have registered new fans who might have not even heard of their Clone Wars series. They’ve also held two Palmwine music festivals -which recorded impressive numbers – and are even about to take the festival to the UK.  Other rappers like Blaqbonez, Ladipoe, as well as the Lost And Found on their last tape have been fusing rap with other genres and it has been rewarding. Falz’s seminal album, “Moral Instruction” was heavily inspired sonically and thematically by Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

This is also one of the major reasons why the so-called indigenous or local rappers are more commercially successful. These guys can make music in a way that resonates with a wide scope of audience. They rap in their local dialects laced with street lingo thereby making their lyrics more relatable and easy to understand, as well as meddling rap with dance music and even introducing dance steps to go along with it. Zlatan is the poster boy for the wide-ranging Zanku dance and its accompanying sound and he is undeniably Naija’s hottest rapper at the moment. 

Rappers also have to learn to step out of their shell and work with others. While friendly competition is healthy, there is so much more that can be gained from working together. 

Nigerian rappers should be always ready to join forces with one another and synergize over records, projects and even concerts. Collaborations shouldn’t also be limited within the hip-hop circle. Rappers can reach out to acts from other genres like the alte community, soul singers and afrobeat and even Afropop. Step into their space and see their world. This would help to create much more dynamic sounds and also help to share the fanbase with their collaborators. 

Over the years, there has been a downturn of collaborations between Nigerian rappers and their pop counterparts. In fact, these pop stars tend to feature foreign rappers on their tapes much more often these days. There should also be much more joint efforts between the English rappers and the indigenous ones. 

Visuals also have to be taken seriously too. Yes, hip-hop is a word-oriented genre but videos are very much especially in the visually-driven world we live in today. And maybe as a result of a shortage in funding or whatever reason, hip-hop acts don’t seem to place much emphasis on their releasing music videos. You don’t believe me?  Take some of the best hip-hop projects in the past year as examples. “Crown”, “Yung Denzl”, “Bad Boy Blaq”, “These Buhari Times” and the Lost and Found’s “Alternate Ending” have only about two videos released at the moment. Projects with over 50 songs and only three videos out.

Even if proper music videos can’t be done due to financial constraints, rappers and their teams can take advantage of lyric videos and visualizers which can be promoted on social media. 

Now the spotlight is on Nigerian hip-hop and no one knows how long the excitement is going to last. Mere buzz or an abundance of talent isn’t enough to sustain the genre.  The best that can be done is to ensure that this rare opportunity should be optimized as much as it can. The community has to come together to create and promote premium quality content that can restore hip-hop and rap to the mainstream.

For all the dust rappers have raised in the past few weeks, it would be beautiful to see it all transcend to something bigger and not just fade out to another false start.

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