Saeon Moruda


Following the release of “#Aii”, Saeon Moruda presents a video for the brilliant single off her forthcoming project “Birth Of The #BoyChick”.

Set in Festac Town, Lagos, the visuals depict the raw and un-sugarcoated life of the average Nigerian.


Today, September 2nd is Saeon Moruda’s birthday. She is celebrating by launching her website ( where you can check for everything SAEON MORUDA.

Furthermore, she gifted us a song, her cover of Wale’s My PYT titled “My PYT- The #BoyChick Cover”

Check out the song here

Happy birthday Saeon from all of us at

A Chat with Saeon

What does music mean to you and how does that reflect in the music you make?

Music to me is a medium through which I escape the imperfections the world paints, where I find solace. I reflect this in my music by channeling not just positivity, but the positive sides to everything where the listener can bask in its ambiance and escape their imperfections.


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