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Remy Baggins takes up role of wicked playboy in his new single ‘Sample’

For the lovers of Good Music, New music Sample is out from Remy Baggins. Sample is for the pretty, hot chicks that the man dem are moving to but only for a quick, passionate fling rather than long term commitment. The flirty playboy has no shame in announcing his desire to engage in a one night rendevous. He is interested in nothing more than delivering his banana,as stated in the song, rather than being held down. Indeed, the singer is not here for a long time but a good time.

The beat of the song is fire and the song shows the versality of the singer switching between various genres of music, deviating from his usual rap style. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Remy Baggins himself. The vernacular lyrics adds gusto to the artist’s basal desire to sample his beautiful muse. The genre of the song is Afropop-Ampiano.

Previous works of the singer includes; ; VIV (2016), eigengrau (2017), YLLW (with Eri Ife, 2018), HENTAI (2019), SAKURA(2020). We at The PGM Club highly recommend this song. Click here to listen

Watch The Thrilling Video For Remy Baggins’ ‘Gboju’ With PsychoYP & Mojo

Off his recently released project “Amaterasu” which featured a host of new generation rap heads including Zilla Oaks, Kiienka, Marv OTM, Psycho YP, Veen, Mojo and Boogey, Remy Baggins has released the visuals for ‘Gboju’. This is the lead single and one of the standouts off the sonically ambitious project, featuring the ever-busy PyschoYP and the relentless Mojo over the bouncy drill production laid out by Telz.

The high-energy video shot and directed by the capable duo Kelvin Nuel & The Crwd opens with Remy vibing to the bounce with his goons while PsychoYP lays down his track in a dimly lit near-empty street. Mojo could barely keep still as he flows with the vibe of the infectious number.

Enjoy the video above.

Dami Oniru Seeks To Lift Our Spirits With ‘Nowhere To Run’

For the past few months, fans have been pestering Dami Oniru for new music. The last we had heard from her was her EP “Bri’s Lounge” released to good reviews last year. In February, she celebrated its first anniversary with the stunning ‘5 Shades Of Bri’ visual, walking us through the entire project and all the emotions that come with it. We had a new video to hold on to, but still no music asides guest verses on a couple of projects. This is why fans threw themselves into an orgy of celebration when she announced new music via her Twitter a few days ago.



And one can share in their excitement knowing that despite being stuck in Atlanta, Dami Oniru is finally giving us new music to help “lift our spirits” in these dark times.

Teaming up yet again with her tried and true producer, friend and frequent collaborator Remy Baggins, Dami presents an empowering anthem with ‘Nowhere To Run’. “The song is basically about losing yourself and basically rediscovering your power,” she says in a recent interview with Native Mag.

One thing that immediately strikes you about the record is that it sounds like a good fit for the Lion King Movie. And you might be shocked fo find out that that’s exactly what it was created for. “You will hear that the song sounds like a soundtrack for a movie, its cause it was a demo I wrote for Beyoncé’s Lion King: The Gift album. It’s inspired by Lion King, and I think the message in the song is really powerful so I thought no better time than now to spread the positivity,” she reveals further in the interview.

We are all not going through the best of times now, and this is what Dami Oniru’s new record attempts to heal. ‘Nowhere to Run’ plays as a hymnal for deep, honest reflections, driving us to work through our weaknesses.

Enjoy the single above and tell us what you think.

Listen To Remy Baggins’s New 4-Track EP, “Sakura”

Exactly a week ago, Remy Baggins gave us a peek into the material he has been working on. And now as promised, the singer-producer has released a new EP titled “Sakura.” This new offering is Remy’s first solo project since his well-received 2019 ‘sextape’, “Hentai” which featured appearances from Ladipoe, Tomi Thomas, Funbi and his frequent collaborator, Dami Oniru.

His fifth project in seven years,  “Sakura” contains just four tracks with no guests. The production and engineering were also solely handled by Remy save for ‘As Friends Tho’ which was co-produced by ILLYTHAGREAT.

This project is led by the aforementioned single which opens with Remy daydreaming about his new love interest. He is entirely blown away by the damsel who happens to be his friend. But at this point, Remy wants something much more intimate than mere friendship. He toys with the idea of them being in a romantic relationship and eventually opens up to her. In fact, he is almost sure the feeling is mutual, but she is quick to snap him back to reality.

Regardless of his sweet-tongued promises, she isn’t swayed. Unlike Remy who is starting to catch feelings, she wants to remain just friends… with benefits.

This project comes highly recommended from us at The PGM Club. Enjoy it above.


Remy Baggins Gets Zoned In ‘As Friends Tho’

One of Nigeria’s most promising singer-producers Remy Baggins has released a new record titled ‘As Friends Tho’. This is Remy’s first drop of 2020 and also the lead single of his coming EP, “Sakura.” Scheduled for release exactly a week from now, the Remy solo project will contain just four songs. This will be the follow-up to his well-received 2019 ‘sextape’, “Hentai” which featured appearances from Ladipoe, Tomi Thomas, Funbi and his frequent collaborator, Dami Oniru.

The fresh release, ‘As Friends Tho’ is a very short tale of unrequited love, in a dimension we are all too familiar with: friend-zoning. The single is produced by a capable duo of Illythagreat and Remy, while it’s engineering is solely handled by Remy himself.

It opens with Remy Baggins daydreaming about his new love interest. He is blown away by the damsel who happens to be his friend. But at this point, Remy wants something much more intimate than mere friendship. He toys with the idea of them being in a romantic relationship and eventually opens up to her. In fact, he is almost sure the feeling is mutual, but she is quick to snap him back to reality.

Regardless of his utopian promises, she isn’t swayed. Unlike Remy who is starting to catch feelings, all she wants is friendship and nothing more.

We really don’t know if this single is inspired by real-life events or not. But one thing is sure, it’s one we can all relate to at different levels. Listen to the record above and share your own zoning experiences.

Jamal Swiss Taps Remy Baggins For His First 2020 Drop ‘Lifestyle’

After a pretty much silent 2019 save for his ‘Fly’ duet with Davina Oriakhi, Jamal Swiss is opening the not-so-new year with ‘Lifestyle’, a record fun-loving twenty-somethings would sink easily to. Produced by Jay Blakez, the record finds Jamal Swiss playing alongside one of Nigeria’s most vibrant acts on the rise, Remy Baggins

Jamal teased the record a couple of days ago on Twitter by dropping a steaming snippet that left us stretching our hands for the real thing. And now that it’s here, we just can’t get enough.

On this record one thing is sure; Jamal and Remy sure know how to have a good time. But they’re probably quite bored with it as they are looking to take on new chop-life partners. 

Lifestyle’ could easily have passed for a cute love song but love isn’t what they promise. They just want to give you a peek into their amazing hedonistic lifestyles and probably hope you stick around after that. And if not, they move to their next catch. 

Jamal’s muse is an Abuja-based Lagos newbie who also likes to party. But one thing is missing; adequate knowledge of the hotspots around the city where the real party’s at. But Jamal is a willing and capable tour guide hoping to give her that welcome package we all secretly wish for. 

In his part, Remy plays the Lagos big boy with deep pockets. He has the means and is, of course, ready to splurge on this new love interest. But her the flashiest things, treat her to the fanciest places and give her the time of her life.

Dami Oniru Assists Ladipoe’s ‘Slippin’ Away’

Ladipoe has released the third entry off his ongoing Revival Sunday series -apparently the last for the year – and unlike the first two instalments, this one comes with the first feature in the pack. For this week’s record titled ‘Slippin’ Away‘, the Mavins Records flagship rapper seeks the assistance of one of the most gifted vocalists on the rise, Dami Oniru. This Trap&B record is produced by London, the only other constant in the Revival Sunday series so far asides Ladipoe, and is engineered by Dami Oniru’s friend and frequent collaborator, Remy Baggins.

A record specially tailored for the night time, ‘Slippin’ Away‘ opens with a pensive feminine monologue. Over sombre keys later joined by 808s, Ladipoe raps in his signature polished flow, lamenting about the depleting energy of his partner in their relationship. On her part, Dami Oniru, as usual, comes through with superb vocals adding that golden touch to one of the highlights off this weekly rap series.

Listen to the single here.

The Basement Gig Showcases Raw Talents With Its “Sounds From The Basement Gig” Album

Just like The PGM Club, The Basement Gig has been fully dedicated to providing a platform for gifted burgeoning acts via its monthly mini-concert series headlined by the finest of these new acts. But now, the team is taking it a step further by releasing the first volume of its new compilation series titled “Sounds From The Basement Gig.” This is in commemoration of their 3rd anniversary and the 28th edition of the mini-concert. With this new project, The Basement Gig showcases some of the most talented acts and producers rising through the ranks in the country.

A 15-track project, “SFTBG”  features new and pre-released records from some of the outstanding acts that have graced the Basement Gig stage over the past one year. The wealth and depth of raw talents across this album is almost drowning. It features appearances from known names like Goodgirl LA, Alpha Ojini, Dami Oniru, Remy Baggins, Payper Corleone, Ogranya and Dapo Tuburna. It also introduces us to fresh talents like Gbasky, Attitude, Lyn, Wilfresh and others. The A&R of the compilation tape is handled by the capable Osagie Osarenz and Stephanie Okocha.

Listen to the album here

Remy Baggins Wants A Timeless Love On ‘4EVAA’ With GCL3F

About five months after the release of his critically-acclaimed ‘sextape’, “Hentai,” Remy Baggins has formed a new tag team with urban producer, GCL3F to release their new record titled ‘4EVAA‘. This record is produced by GCL3F while Remy Baggins solely handles the writing, performance and engineering.

On ‘4EVAA‘, the pair crafts a seamless blend of Afrobeats and R&B to create a bespoke love number tailored for the Nigerian audience. Across the record, a silver-tongued Remy details his romance with his sweetheart and expresses his undying love to her. He reassures her that what they share isn’t a fling but something way deeper. Something built to last a very long time.

Enjoy the record here and let us know what you think.

Eri Ife Promises His Bride The World On ‘Dear Future Wife’

Ibadan-based singer, Eri Ife has released a new single titled ‘Dear Future Wife‘. This comes in the wake of his recent wedding that was under the radar until a much recently. This song was premiered on Wednesday on the PGM Radio Show where he discussed his marriage – which came as a surprise to many-, his music and how much Ibadan has influenced his art.

Produced by his friend and frequent collaborator, Remy Baggins, ‘Dear Future Wife‘ as the name implies is an address to his woman. In fact, the singer put his vows on the record as he professes his undying love to his spouse and promises her the world. An intimate retreat, this is no doubt a record that will melt your heart as it is such a soothing, reassuring and melodious track.

Listen to the beautiful record and let us know what you think.

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