Pretty Boy D-O

Prettyboy D-O Stands On Terry G’s Shoulders On ‘Inspiration’

One phrase that comes to mind when you see either Terry G or Prettyboy D-O is insane energy. Despite the fact that they belong to different generations of Nigerian musicians, we’ve always silently craved a collaboration between the two acts. And ‘Inspiration’ is the final product of an energetic synergy between the two street kings.

Unlike the uptempo banger expected, ‘Inspiration’ is a mid-tempo ode to the common friend of many musicians; kush. On this record, it is the old meets the new yet you would find it hard to tell the difference as they blend seamlessly.

The video catches them living the life surrounded by friends and hot damsels with some good kush to bring them all together.


Pretty Boy D.O premieres new video – “Dey Go Hear Wehh” on PGM Radio

In this episode, Pretty Boy D.O stopped by to premiere and discuss the concept of his new video – Dey Go hear Wehh.  We also discussed the Headies and the controversy surrounding it.


Check Out The Energetic Visuals For Prettyboy D-O’s ‘Pull Up’ Featuring Santi

Prettyboy D-O has unveiled the highly cinematic visuals to ‘Pull Up’ featuring Santi. This is one of the standout tracks off his debut mixtape “Everything Pretty”. This video directed by Demola is a very energetic one that matches the ferocity of the record.

This dark, gritty, and energetic video has spurred conversations on social media with many trying to still understand the somewhat elusive alte and their creative process and artistry. Due to the intensity of the video, a number of people picked up where they left off with Santa’s video for Rapid Fire, referring to the alte as just a front for a cult group.

Dropping FACTZ Only, It’s OluAndTheCoconut

Pretty Boy D-O is known for bringing out our inner agberos, but this one will have you believing you’re The Hood Pablo Escobar…

DRB, Idris King & Pretty Boy D.O feature on the Pushing Good Music Radio Show

In this episode, DRB LasGidi comes together on-air after 10yrs to discuss their past (with the controversy surrounding their hiatus), their present and future plans…

Serving Everything Pretty – Pretty Boy D-O’s Debut Album

After disturbing the scene with his single Footwork,  Pretty Boy D-O hasn’t stopped once. The artist has proved twice over that he is not a one-hit-wonder with Itty Bitty and Chop Elbow. Pretty Bot D-O has officially released his debut album  Everything Pretty across all streaming platforms.

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