Vector Break Down CROSS ROAD (EP) & Paybac ACTIV8s on PGM Radio

On this episode of The PGM Radio Show, we had award-winning rapper Vector da viper and Headies nominee Paybac on the show.

We did a live listening of Vector’s new project with veteran music producer and certified music head; Masterkraft. A scintillating body of work titled ‘Crossroads’. They called on the virtuosity of DJ Neptune and DJ Magnum to deliver a truly profound EP. Vector also touched on some trending issues on the Nigerian Music scene and gave some relevant tips on navigating the industry, drawing from almost two decades of experience.

We also had Headie nominee; Paybac on IG and he talked about his recently released project; ‘Cult’, his plans for the future, and he also Vector to do an acapella version of his song, Activ8. He also offered some insights into his music process.

We listened to some new beautiful music from a bunch of talented acts as always.

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Stay safe.

Paybac Fields BarelyAnyHook, BlaqBonez, Jazzz And More On “Cult!”

One of Nigeria’s gifted wordsmiths, Paybac has finally made good on his promise by releasing his much-teased sophomore solo album, “Cult!” This comes two years after he walked us through the dark corridors of his genius mind on his well-received debut, “The Biggest Tree” in 2018. “Cult” would also be Paybac’s first project since he rejoined forces with fellow rap luminary, Boogey to release one of Nigeria’s most celebrated rap album of 2019, “Alternate Ending.”

This new album contains 15 tracks including pre-released singles like ‘Activ8’ and ‘Boy Band’. Across the album, Paybac brings along a host of gifted burgeoning acts like BarelyAnyHook, Jazzz, Viveeyan, Pizzo, BumniAfrica, RIA Sean and the self-acclaimed best rapper in Africa, Blaqbonez.

Paybac also works with a number of hands for the production of the album, including Pro-Beats and L3arn who produced four and three tracks respectively on the album. Other producers credited on “Cult!” include Vandross, Soulphoria, Golddrummachine, Monkey Beats, Angelo, Sizzle Pro and Stoute Louis.

The engineering of the album is entirely handled by a capable trio of Seanstan, Sizzle Pro and Jon Jnr for Von2 Studios.

Just a couple of days ago, Paybac revamped hype for the coming project with a loosie, ‘Hey Jude’ dedicated to one of the most revered Nigerian rappers, M.I Abaga.

Enjoy “Cult” above and let us know what you think.

Paybac’s Much-Teased “Cult” Album Is Just 10 Days Away

One of Nigeria’s most prolific rappers and recent Headies nominee Paybac is already set to release his much-teased album, “Cult.” Just a few hours ago, he revealed on Twiter that the new LP is just a few days away, scheduled for release on Friday, March 27.

This would be Paybac’s first project since his collaborative “Lost and Found” album with fellow rap luminary, Boogey. This is the project many rap heads swear – by the old gods and the new – that is the best Nigerian hip-hop album of 2019. This is also Paybac’s first solo album since 2018 when he walked us through the dark corridors of his genius mind on “The Biggest Tree.”

Paybac gave us a peek into the imminent album last year with singles like ‘Boy Band’ and ‘Activ8’. And if these singles are anything to go by, we are in for a thrilling sonic joyride. We are about to experience Paybac in full, not just as a rapper but in the different shades of his artistry.

Paybac is evolving with every single project and it’s pretty much exciting to be on that journey with him.

In ‘Boy Band’, he is so full of life as he sings with a happy-go-lucky air in his raspy voice. In his ‘if Fela, the Beatles and Kanye had a baby’ style about his carefree life over soft percussions and organ keys. The song is produced by LearnTheCreator and samples ‘Acid Rock‘ by the 70s Afro-Rock Band, The Funkees.

‘Activate’, on the other hand, finds Paybac is in his element. Over sombre keys, he delievers stream-of-consciousness verses about how he keeps pushing against all odds in this country. The patriotic record is dedicated to Samuel Okwaraji, a footballer who died on the pitch about 30 years ago in a World Cup qualifier match against Angola.

Don’t worry, it’s fine to keep your hopes up for this album because if there’s one thing we know; it’s that Paybac doesn’t disappoint.

Alpha Counts Down To Christmas With ’12 Days’

One of the most gifted rap acts on the rise, Alpha Ojini has released his first post-“Chvmeleon” record, a Christmas themed number titled ‘12 Days‘. Just over a month ago, Alpha released his stellar 14-track sophomore album “Chvmeleon” to good reviews, and it featured appearances from M.I Abaga, Ghost (SDC), Paybac, Blaqbonez, Psycho YP, Ycee, Bella Alubo, Oxlade, Goodgirl LA and Kemi Smallz.

Across this self-produced cut described as a “Christmas tale,” Alpha underscores the spirit of the celebration which is centred around giving and showing love to family, friends and others around us. Aptly released twelve days before Christmas,  the multi-gifted rapper urges share love, give out and enjoy the holiday season as well as we can even we don’t have much.

This is no doubt a Christmas song that most of us can relate to, one told from the perspective of a Nigerian hustler in a tongue common to all. Merry Christmas in advance and remember to spread love always. Enjoy the record here.

Listen To Paybac’s New Single ‘Activ8’

One of Nigeria’s most gifted rappers, Paybac, has released a new single titled ‘Activ8‘. This comes just a couple of months after ‘Boy Band‘, which finds a happy-go-lucky Paybac crooning about living life on his terms. ‘Activ8‘ is the second single off his coming sophomore album, “CULT.”

Over sombre keys, a stifling bassline and head-bumping kicks, Paybac is in his element, delivering stream-of-consciousness verses about how he keeps pushing against all odds in this country. The patriotic record is dedicated to Samuel Okwaraji, a footballer who died on the pitch 30 years ago in a World Cup qualifier match against Angola. He is also the protagonist of the enduring Nigeria-vs-India legend.

The record ends with a soundbite of an excited commentator celebrating a goal from Samuel Okwaraji for the Super Eagles.

D-Truce And Bella Alubo Tell A Beautiful Love Story On ‘For You’

Nigerian rapper, Dusten Truce has teamed up with Bella Alubo on new love number titled ‘For You‘. This is D-Truce’s first post-“2 Bird 1 Stone” release, his debut album which was released to good reviews early this year. The 6-track album housed highlights like ‘Celebrity Champagne‘, ‘Oga police‘ and ‘City of Excellence‘ and also featured appearances from Paybac, Straffitti, 3rty, Slayvelli, Dewa and Tylerriddim.

On this new Jesse Alordiah produced cut, D-Truce and Bella Alubo are love-struck as they trade verses describing their affection for one another, promising themselves sunshine and rainbows in their blazing romance. ‘For You‘ is no doubt a soothing and melodious love number with wonderfully diced afrobeats percussions and an ambient scintillating guitar riffs.

Enjoy this record above and let us know what you think.

Alpha Ojini Is Bringing Along M.I Abaga, Ghost, GoodGirl LA, Ycee, Oxlade And More On “Chvmeleon”

Even if you do not know Alpha Ojini by name, you must have come across his work one way or another. Remember that sweet-toned “Focus” voice tag you hear at the end of most of your favourite 2019 rap songs? Yeah, that’s Alpha’s tagline for his sound engineering outfit.

A bundle of talents, Alpha is also a producer and a rapper – and he’s absolutely great at both. In fact, he was recently nominated in the Best Rap Single category of the 2019 Headies for his joint with Payper Corleone, ‘Sacrifices‘, one of the highlights off Payper’s stellar tape, “Fly Gangstar From The 90s.”

And now, it’s even more good news from Alpha as he announces the release of his sophomore album, “Chvmeleon,” which has been in the works since December last year. This is would be a follow-up to his well-received debut, “Half Price” that housed standouts like ‘Ocean Boy‘, ‘Ludo‘ and the cheeky ‘Yahooboy Muzik‘.

According to his recent tweet, this new album is scheduled for release on Friday, November 1st and it boasts a mouth-watering round of features, with appearances from some of the best wordsmiths in the game at the moment. On this self-produced project, Alpha is bringing along an a-team of M.I Abaga, Ghost (SDC), Paybac, Blaqbonez, Psycho YP, Ycee, Bella Alubo, Oxlade, Goodgirl LA and Kemi Smallz.

Now, tell me you’re not excited?

Watch Paybac and Boogey (The Lost & Found)’s Video For ‘Uwaka’

Earlier this year, a duo of Paybac and Boogey, known as the Lost & Found released their sophomore album “Alternate Ending” to rave reviews. Many have even dubbed it the best Nigerian rap album of 2019 and they won’t be wrong. And now, just over a day after their Lyricist On The Roll nominations in the 2019 Headies for their electric verses on ‘Implode‘, the duo has unveiled the much-teased visuals for ‘Uwaka‘ with Danladi, one of the fan favourites off the album.

Directed by XYZ, the playful video finds Boogey and Paybac having the best of times as they deliver their verses. The video opens with Paybac sporting a white agbada and a hooded scarf, rapping amidst friends in a dimly lit room. The 4-minute video is interluded with a short skit from Pastor Paybac dishing his two cents on what being a yahoo boy entails. Boogey, on the other hand, delievers most of his bars from a lectern with a white backdrop.

Although Danlandi was a no-show, the hook finds the rappers and their friends vibing and flashing fives in several styles. Enjoy the video below and tell us what you think.

Paybac Is Living Life On His Own Terms In ‘Boy Band’

After months of teasing, pulling a Wizkid, making us literally beg for the single, and then suspending the initial release date, Paybac‘s ‘Boy Band‘ is finally here. This is the much-anticipated lead single off Paybac’s upcoming solo album, “Cult,” and also his first post-“Alternate Ending” release.

Paybac rapped his ass off on the joint album with Boogey -an album-of-the-year contender by the way- such that he is taking a break off that with ‘Boy Band’ and perhaps “Cult” as a whole. He confidently sings with his raspy voice in his ‘if Fela, the Beatles and Kanye had a baby’ style about his carefree life over soft percussions and organ keys. The song samples ‘Acid Rock‘ by the 70s Afro-Rock Band, The Funkees and is produced by LearnTheCreator.

Opening with the disclaimer “I no dey for gang, this na Boy Band,” the record finds Paybac a rebel, living the life of a rockstar. He might not have all the money in the world, but he makes the best use of what is at his disposal to live solely on his terms, not giving a hoot about anyone’s approval. He wants no troubles either.

The hook is an infectious one that’d have you humming, singing or even shouting along in no time. Enjoy ‘Cult‘ above.

P.S: Paybac, don’t make us choke to death as we hold our breaths for ‘Uwaka‘s video. Thank you. You’re welcome.

Payper Corleone Shares Video For ‘Sacrifices’ With Alpha Ojini

Nigerian rapper, Payper Corleone has released the visuals for his Alpha Ojini-assisted record, ‘Sacrifices‘. This is one of the stand-out cuts off his highly collaborative project, “Fly Gangsta From The ’90s,” released to good reviews in May 2019.

Sacrifices‘ opens with a 2pac soundbite over a scintillating jazz riff that continues to run throughout the sombre boom-bap record.  The song then finds the two rappers trading some of their gloomy experiences in our crooked music industry. Despite identifying how money is imperative to visibility in the industry, they both express scepticism towards deals offered by record labels and then further urged their fellow rappers to be cautious when taking or considering offers from these capitalists.

The XYZ-directed video finds Payper, Alpha and friends in a dark and heated room vibing and gambling on chess, perhaps symbolic for the game of wits prevalent in the grimy music industry. They also pay respects to some of the greats, the late legends who have paved the way musically for them as the wall is donned with murals and photos of late legends like 2pac, Biggie, Fela and more. The video also features a cameo appearance from Paybac who also featured on the EP.

Enjoy the video below.

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