Kel Is All About The Bag On ‘Credit Alerts’

The last we heard from Kel was her sultry 5-track EP “Vita.Amare.Libidine” with Bigfootinyourface. This was a project that kicked off her return into the scene after her self-imposed hiatus which lasted almost a decade. In case you’ve not gotten the memo, Kel is back! And she reinforces this with another release titled ‘Credit Alert’.

With the last EP, Kel and Bigfoot showcased strong chemistry. Their rapper-producer connection is something some can only envy from afar. And with this new bouncy hip-hop cut, they take this synergy a step further.

Kel is ready to play, but only if she gets the right motivation. “Only real real gees know where to find me/ you ain’t talking money that’s high highly unlikely,” she warns. She’s all about the bag really. Credit alerts are all she’s about. And please, who isn’t?? When she mutters “credit alerts, I need some credit alerts” in the hook, we’d all probably tear our shirts and scream right along.

Enjoy this single above.

Bigfootinyourface Teams Up With Akym Aremu On New Melancholic Single ‘The Journey’

2019 has been a really busy year for Bigfootinyourface. The year which has seen just four months has seen the multi-talented producer release a joint EP “Vita.Amare.Libidine” with Kel as well as executive produce Pasha‘s “Love, Sex & Loud“. He has also released a string of singles working with acts like Monseeka, Jemal, Maka ,IllBliss and others. In fact, it is safe to say that Bigfoot is living up to his name because he has been all up in our faces with quality releases all year long. And let’s not forget that he was one of the DJs at our our This Is Hip-Hop event which held earlier this month at The Harvest.

And now, in the spirit of his Downtempo Fridays, Bigfoot has released the seventh installment of the weekly series titled ‘The Journey‘ featuring Akym Aremu. This comes after the raving ‘Nkali‘ with the hip-hop veteran, IllBliss.

With a run time of about three minutes, record opens with a piercing guitar riff which precedes Akym Aremu’s melancholic but though provoking verse which details some of the struggles and harsh realities of many Nigerians as he rhetorically asks in Yoruba where we are all headed.

We at the PGM Club highly recommend this record. Enjoy.

Rapper Kel & Big Foot discuss SexTape EP On Push Good Music Radio Show

Find out what the veteran rapper Kel has been up to as she teams up with ace producer Big Foot to create a sensual rap tape.

KEL Releases Joint EP with Big Foot “Vita.Amare.Libidine”

The multifaceted artist, Kel, and burgeoning producer, Big Foot have teamed up on a new EP titled “Vita.Amare.Libidine.” This is Kel’s first offering since her critically acclaimed debut album, “The Investment,” released about a decade ago which housed hits like ‘Waa Wa Alright’ and ‘Too Fine’.

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