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Listen to Jinmi Abdul’s New Single ‘Aya’

Jinmi Abuduls is slowly positioning himself as one of the key voices of his generation. With every release, the young singer-songwriter seems to win over unbelievers to his camp and his latest single is not an exception. Over the weekend, Jinmi released a new single ‘Aya’ produced by TMXO and engineered by Alpha Ojini.

Over soft percussions and a stifling bassline, Jinmi opens the record with a Jon Bellion-esque adulation of his woman. The track then transitions to a very soothing and melodious love number, coated in an incrementally-rich ambience. Benrix’s soul-stirring strings slowly crawl right under your skin as Jinmi’s lyrics place the picture of your love interest in your mind-eye as you sing along.

Enjoy the single above.

Blessed – Jinmi Abduls

Jinmi of Lagos has returned (finally) with a single called Blessed. The single dropped on the 20th and the artiste did not decline to give the unique Jinmi of Lagos sound many of us have missed; and why not a love song?

PGM Radio Show with Cameey, Uzi, Bankyondbeatz

On this episode of the PGM Radio Show, Cameroonian artist Cameey discusses why he left Cameroon to make music in Nigeria and his relationship with Chocolate City. Uzi explains the purpose behind his new commercial record ‘Lamba’ and Bankyodbeatz brings in Jinmi Abdul on the show to discuss their collaboration and future project to come.


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