Idris King’s First ‘treasure’

We’ve waited for the Jiggy King to show us what he’s got up his black sleeves and the man has finally shown his hand.

The 90s Baby CEO turned +1 yesterday and released his debut project treasures.

treasures is a three-track solo EP, and with it comes the return of the song mbappé. The EP has Idris King talk about accepting his eccentricities (weird) and making moves to shock naysayers (dumb like donald trump).

Listen to treasures here.

Jiggy – Idris King

The French King has returned with a film for his third single Jiggy; and with a title like that, we knew the 90s Baby founder was sure to give us something entirely different.

The Bidemi Popson-directed video starts out with Idris serenading via TV screen a beautiful black woman in a red dress (also glittering gold, because black women are made of gold and honey) mused by Bariga Sugar director Ifeoma Chukwuogo, till he taps the screen and is teleported to his muse’s location to continue the good work. Then the story switches with the second verse, as Idris and his ‘gang’ chases down a ‘debtor’ to get their ‘dues’ and Idris ‘kills’ the guy with a toy gun and the video cuts to a ‘party’ with the gang ‘popping bottles’ and ‘spending cash’ – in a way that is caricature of the gang life, inspired by the movie – City of God.

The video is weird and fun and you really can’t expect anything less from Idris King.

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