Show Dem Camp Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane On ‘That Year’ With Sir Dauda

Nigerian rap duo, Show Dem Camp has come a long way. Right from their well-received debut album, “The Dreamer Project” in 2011, down to their latest, “Palmwine Express,” Ghost and Tec have seen it all. They’ve scored nationwide hits, had projects ignored by the mainstream, and again bounced back with the cultural and commercial successes of their Palmwine Music series. Right now, they are even selling out their own annual live show, Plamwine Music Fest.

It is all this and more they document on their latest release. Titled ‘That Year’, Show Dem Camp takes us on a quick trip through the years of their exploits in the Nigerian music space with this record. In fact, the single is dedicated to the “day 1’s” who have been following that journey from the very beginning.

Three long years after their ‘Live, Love, Laugh, Eat’ collaboration off the critically acclaimed “Clone Wars 3,” the pair reunites with the sweet-singing Sir Dauda for ‘That Year’. They also secured help from their longtime friend and collaborator, Ikon who produced the track.

‘That Year’ is Show Dem Camp’s first single of the year, coming five months since “Palmwine Express.” The star-studded album whose guestlist contains frequent collaborators BOJ, Ajebutter 22 and Ladipoe. It also features Nonso Amadi, Moelogo, Tomi Agape, Worlasi, Flash, Burna Boy, and Falana.

Enjoy the reflective single above and let us know what you think.

Ikon, Chillz and Bris B on the Push Good Music Radio Show

Producer extraordinaire ‘IKON‘ finally drops his debut project ‘Hungry To Live’ which took about a decade to finish and he stopped by to discuss it with the club.  Chillz and Bris B also came through to respectively premiere their new singles Grateful & Supa Sigh.

Live. Create. Repeat. – That New Collectiv3

The Collectiv3 has come back from their three-year hiatus with a sophomore album – Live. Create. Repeat. The group (comprising Hip-Hop duo Show Dem Camp, rapper POE, producers IKON, Kid Konnect and Nsikak (also an amazing guitarist) and singers Temi Dollface and Funbi) first hit the wave with the compilation project self-titled The Collectiv3 LP back in 2015.

This sophomore album features all original members of The Collectiv3 with the addition of sound from new members Tomi Thomas, Mokeyanju, Tems, Blinky Bill and Preye Itams. The album is partly produced by IKON and it was released on the 12th as part of the rollout of projects from SDC and their affiliates. The album which premiered on the PGM Live radio show last week is another amazing gift from the Nigerian Music gods for 2018 and The PGM Club is sure that you should partake of this blessing.

Listen to Live. Create. Repeat. here.

PGM Radio Show – The Collectiv3 vol 2. Premiere (Live, Create, Repeat)

In this episode, SDC, Poe, Funbi, Nsikak, Jumoke Adeyanju, Tems, Ikon, Spax & Tomi Thomas collaborated to create an inspiring body of work called the collectiv3 vol.2, and we got to the opportunity to exclusively listen and discuss it live on air on the PGM Radio Show.

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