Garey Godson Just Wants To Have A Weekend To Remember On ‘Lowkey’

2019 has been a very busy year for Garey Godson and HKMK. All through the year, the pair have been consistent with their releases, bending sonics to their will and churning out impressive records. And now, they have teamed again to release a new sultry banger titled ‘Low Key‘ which is both produced by the pair. This is a follow-up to Garey Godson‘s socially conscious ‘Virtual Love‘, where he touches on the effects of social media on social and romantic relationships. With the frequency of his releases, it would be understandable to perceive that there is a new project on the horizon, although there hasn’t been any confirmation of that yet.

This new record finds Garey inviting his love interest to come to spend time with him over the weekend. He entices her by reminding her of some of their cherished moments while also making promises of her having the time of her life if she comes over. It’s a private affair with no intruders allowed as Garey sings “will you come over for the weekend, we ain’t gotta tell nobody I can keep it on a low, I can keep it on a low key.” The record itself has an overall feel-good but groovy tune to it that makes it finetuned to smash the clubs. Production-wise, it is a delish potpourri of Dance hall, Reggaeton, Trap and Afro-pop elements.

Listen to the record here.

Garey Godson Celebrates His Journey So Far On ‘Tha Juice’

Garey Godson and HKMK have undeniable chemistry. This is obvious from the gusto and quality of their year-long releases. And now, Garey’s new single titled ‘Tha Juice‘ even lends more credence to that claim. This comes just a couple of weeks after he took us on a journey around the city of Lagos in the love number, ‘Private Trips‘.

Over a smooth blend of Trap and R&B coated with an Afropop spice, Garey Godson reflects on his artistic journey. He touches on how he has so far navigated the muddy waters of the music industry an independent artist on the rise alongside his partner-in-crime, HKMK, a German-based producer. “Decided to break all of the doors that were locked or we would just go through the window/ did it myself, no guts no glory/ took my pain and then I turned it into my story,” he sings.

Garey Godson is fast proving himself as a force to watch out for, with each release even better than the last. And with ‘Tha Juice‘, Garey proves himself worthy of our attention.

You can check him out on Spotify:

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