Davido & Oxlade Join Skip Marley To Remix The H.E.R-Assisted ‘Slow Down’

Last year, Skip Marley the grandson of the reggae legend Bob Marley, broke his relative silence and teamed up with one of R&B most promising star, H.E.R on ‘Slow Down’. And ever since it’s release, the song has enjoyed cultural and commercial success, recently making Skip the first Jamaican-born singer to hit the number one spot on the Billboard Adult R&B chart, do so. The song has also inspired a couple of remixes, the latest featuring two generations of Afrobeats stars, Davido and Oxlade.

Davido opens the remix with an impassioned verse detailing how a love interest is so pressed on coming over to spend the quarantine with him. But Davido isn’t in a hurry; he wants to know if she’s really down for commitments, and not just him being an itch for her to scratch.

Oxlade then comes through with a scene-stealing verse to wrap the record, fully ready for some with rousing moments with his woman. It’s so beautiful to watch how Davido and Oxlade do not compromise their style and delivery just to cater to an international audience. No doubt, they brought this record home that you could even swear you’re listening to an afrobeats record.

Enjoy this stirring remix above.

Mango Juice & Bad Decisions – Ayüü

Abuja-based artist Ayüü Safi has released his third EP after H.E.R (His Emotions Recorded) and ØÜ By ØÜ both released in 2017This one is called Mango Juice & Bad Decisions and it’s beautiful.

The EP is the artist’s first 2018 project and it’s a vibe. Mango Juice & Bad Decisions provides just the right amount of nostalgia with samplings of songs like Sisquo’s Thong Song (00 Nostalgia), Nelly and Kelly’s Dilemma and Cardi B’s Ring (In 2 Ü) and others. The project is another one that explores the woes of a complicated relationship and shows off Ayüü’s versatility as a singer/rapper. The EP enlists production from Higo, Jaylon, Benny Que and DOZ and additional talent from Psycho YP and Andrè Wolff.

Ayüü describes Mango Juice & Bad Decisions as his ‘best work thus far’ and we think you should listen to it.

4uu by Ayuu

4UU, is a song by Ayuu, a mind who drew our attention with that stellar performance on the track ‘Alice’ of the Lady Donli Wallflower EP.
With his debut EP “H.E.R” already set to establish him as one of the creative minds to watch out for, he’s now out with his first release after the drop of his EP and we must say, it’s refreshing.
His sound is unique and distinct to him and draws an audience to understand and hear his words carved out like mini-stories.

4UU sees Ayuu go mellow, over a Yinoluu produced record that gives a soothing atmosphere for him to deliver his vocals perfectly as he sings, switching to a mellow flow all setting the mood for the track.
With backup vocals from the amazing vocalist Efé, 4UU has Ayuu riding hard for his girl, never letting her go, ever ready to prove he’ll do everything for her.

Ayuu is definitely one to watch out for, hence his being on D’Watchlist.  We recommend more of his music to our PGM audience, enjoy his latest offering.


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