Johnny Drille & Elozonam Hint Potential Collaboration On PGM Radio

In this episode, Elozonam stopped by to premiere his new single “Sweet Dodo” and Johnny Drille came through to discuss the success of Johnny’s Room Lagos

Push Good Music Radio With Elozonam (Learning is Key)

Multi-talented entertainer Elozonam came back to the PGM Club after 2years to premiere his debut project “A Weird Mix Of Trumpets And Hi-Hats.” He also broke down how he self-taught himself everything from audio production to video editing etc. In his words, “Learning is Key.”

Elozonam’s Debut Album Is “A Weird Mix of Trumpets And Hi-Hats”

Multi-talented actor, singer, rapper, producer, and voice over artist, Elozonam has released his debut album titled “A Weird Mix of Trumpets And Hi-Hats.”  This album contains just eight tracks which include two interludes. It features only two acts LSMK and Vanessa, who appear on the fifth track ‘Blessings On Blessings’. This album was released in celebration of his birthday which is today March 12.

This album also contains the lead single ‘The Garri Song‘ which is a hilarious but ingenious ode to the common staple food of Nigerians as well as other raving singles like ‘Bad Chic‘ and ‘Hug My Pillow‘.

All the songs were self-produced and engineered, with co-production credits for Joel Godfrey on ‘Gone‘ and ‘Egwu M‘.

According to Elozonam, this album is the product of several years of crafting and creation. “I have been working on this project for years. 😭Now that I think I have you people’s attention, it’s time to bless you with some music. A whole ass album! 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽” he posted on his Instagram page.

One amazing thing about the album is its cover art designed by Gene – a beautifully crafted animated image of an angelic Elozonam in the Cosmos, surrounded by stars, a cymbal, a trumpet, a broken heart and a bowl of garri.

We at the PGM Club recommend this album.


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