Childish EP Reviewed

Milli, a rapper, singer, producer and now filmmaker recently released his new EP titled “Childish”.
We’ve listened to it, digested it and created a review of our thoughts on it here at the PGM Club.

Milli is not a new name in the new alternative, boundary breaking, highly creative music scene taking over Nigeria right now.
We’ll go as far to say he’s one of the few unique minds who has fought to stay true to his art and the music he wants to create, and that is once again evident in this new Childish EP.

With each body of work, Milli showcases his unique singing, rapping talents that make up his sound.
We don’t want to say he reminds us of someone but his sound is one in touch with the mind and direction of his craft.

A Look at the Childish EP

The Childish EP is a mix of sounds touching different elements and having a unique sound.
The tape begins with a song ‘For Mum’ dedicated to his late mom who passed away in May 2017.  it’s a lovely song with strong emotions for anyone who’s lost someone dear.

The next song ups the tempo a bit as Milli bridges old wounds with “Flex” featuring Ice Prince, MI, and Cameey and like the title of the song clearly indicates with the trap infused beat it’s all about flexing on the haters with this one.

“Monica” has Milli attempting to be a bit more commercial and free, might I say this is his attempt to create an experimental Afrobeat song without losing himself and he was far off with this and it’s one of the weaker songs on the tape as it’s not one of his stronger points but he’s saved with “On God” which has Milli rapping about his career and how far he’s come.
It’s always refreshing to have Milli rap, he should do that more and this song reminds us he still has some bars.

“Not Over You” is probably one of the best songs on the tape with a groovy, upbeat, RnB feel. Milli is heard singing about the girl he’s obviously not gotten over.  It’s definitely a better attempt than “Monica”.

“Where do babies comes from Interlude” is probably one of the best interludes I’ve heard this year, with the Mario influenced beat that had Milli having fun over a Beat By Jay production, followed by another Beat By Jay song called “Blessed” which is also one of the best songs on the tape, this has Milli recollecting his journey and how far he’s come.

The last two songs touch on a regular theme already in the tape, with “Baby” which has him bragging about his woman, probably the one he finally got back and “Work” rounding up the tape with an impressive set of bars which had Milli this time bragging about himself and how’s he’s gonna be one of the best to do it.

Overall, Childish is a decent tape from Milli. It’s something a fan would enjoy.  Though a good body of work, Milli can still touch a level in his art that’s still left unexplored with the amount of talent he has.

We at the PGM Club recommend you listen to “Childish” by Milli.

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