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Many Men – Tonero

This is a welcome to 2018 from singer Tonero. His second single of the year, Many Men is a jam for Hip-Hop heads.

Tonero is one of the many that have been enamoured by music from a young age, but this artist did not start his journey till he got to the university, releasing his debut single Dirty SpriteThe reception for the song (over 28,000 streams on SoundCloud) was a confidence boost for the singer and a sign from the music gods for him to continue; the singer together with friends Adedayo Laketu and Nasir Ahmed (of MoreBranches) founded the music company Euphonic Music. Tonero released his first body of work Ajna in 2016. The tape was followed by a handful of singles including the fan favourite Missed Calls

Tonero took a hiatus at the beginning of this year but has ended the silence with the release of the single Many Men. The song features Kanebi and is inspired by his love for hardcore Hip-Hop/Rap. Listening to the beat for the first time last night, I was reminded of Tupac’s California Love. The song is a tale of Tonero’s journey so far and his wariness of the many waiting to see him fail and his never-shifting focus on his career.


GMK drops new record ‘OTB’

GMK has finally dropped that summer record we’ve all been waiting for.

OTB, as the record is called, has a smooth vibe that puts you in that easy going feeling we all look forward to. The record reawakens a certain summer vibe reminiscent to the good ol’ days when hanging with the boys was all one looked forward to…

“OTB” is a mix of everything we’ve fallen in love with and more.  A simple song focused on GMK’s growth from the guy no one listened to or cared about, to his current growth and respect he is earning as a dope producer.

In the words of Ozzy B, who tweeted earlier, “New GMK for the summer” …the record is definitely a summer jam, even though it’s almost late.

We at the PGM Club highly recommend this record.

Tomorrow by Fasina

Lately, several African artists have been drifting from the norm and exploring other genres of music – We at the PGM Club embrace the freedom of expression in music, wholeheartedly.

Fasina’s ‘tomorrow’ produced by Yinoluu, who also produced Ayüü’s ‘4uü’, and is on the rise known for constructing his sounds to merge with the balance and form of the artist’s voice and sound, is a classic example. This new single is breezy and has a warm, indie flow, completely different from his last single, 5 Star

The vibe is everything you need for the summer.  His many references to Nigerian slangs such as ‘Warri no dey carry last’ makes the song as a whole very Afrocentric! And adds a comic twist to what started off as a heartbreak song.

It’s the typical love story, many of us may find ourselves relating to this song. Fasina explains the complications of falling in love, the familiar drake line ‘feelings change’ pulls on many heart strings.

Nevertheless, despite the endless circle of back and forth as he explains, he’s just not ready to let go. Sounds familiar, right?

Hopefulness is bliss, the title ‘tomorrow’ is filled with the intent of anticipation.

We at The PGM Club recommend you give tomorrow a chance and spread the word to other good music lovers.

Credits: Adedayo Laketu, Lydia Gahan, Douglas Jekan



D’Watchlist Features Kyrian in 30,000 Feet

Kyrian Asher, one of the most prolific artists we’ve heard in Nigeria and if you know him you’d know his music is nothing short of pure magic.
Everything from the art of the song, to the production, mixing, singing, rapping, name it, he creates it packaged in a body of work that’s delivered for consumption to a conscious audience.
He’s been dishing out singles from his Abuja base all year round with the promise to release a body of work soon.  Here he is now with something completely magical “30,000 Feet“.

The song sets the mood immediately with Kyrian singing through the distorted loop bouncing as the violins fall into place orchestrated for the words to echo through.
What’s he thinking about? Being “30,000 feet up” laid as a metaphor for his mind, “is the world so heavy on his shoulders?” Questions, he obviously meditates on as his voice resonates through the song with a female vocalist backing him up.

We at The PGM Club definitely think Kyrian is one to look out for.

And should you be tempted to want press play over and over again, go right ahead, we did too.

Please tell another good music lover!

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