Sute Iwar paints the story of a challenge riddled relationship in Alright, Ok

Nigerian Record producer, Instrumentalist and Songwriter, Sute Iwar returns to the music scene with a refreshing new single Alright, ok. This is since the drop of his 199x album. 199x was his 17 track sophomore album which thoroughly exploited complex emotions like lust, desire, pleasure etc but was especially focused on love. All these he did while leaning more towards persuasive percussion over loud thumping drums. In the distinct style and personality that Sute has continued to embody through his music, he colours his artistic  journey with inventive sounds and rhythms much to the delight of his small but loyal audience.

The self-produced track called Alright, Ok is focused on a couple still in love but going through challenges. He offers a lot of reassurance but then becomes uncertain in the same breath. Suté will release his next full-length project, titled ULTRALIGHT later this year, via Outer South. Listen to Alright, Ok here


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