Stiques Unveils Visuals To His Controversial Ode To ‘Sani Abacha’

Eccentric Nigerian-Bohemian rapper, Stiques has finally unveiled the visuals for his latest controversial single, ‘Sani Abacha‘. This accompanying visual is directed by Mr.Silva, with Stiqler Monsterke leading its art direction.

The video opens a blindfolded Stiques sitting and bopping his head to the beat in a room littered with old newspaper clips. It then quickly switches to him delivering his verses over a red backdrop, symbolic of the bloodshed and tyranny associated with the late General’s rule in the 90s.

Sonically, the record fuses African and Western elements, melding trap music with EDM elements, laced with African percussions. Rapping with a mix of Hausa and English, Stiques gives an ode to one of Nigeria’s most memorable and notorious Head of State General Sani Abacha after whom the track is titled. The song ends with a soundbite of the late General’s maiden nationwide broadcast of November 17th, 1993, when he took over the government.


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