Stiques is back with ‘Exposé (Kiraní)’

Stiques is an independent artistic organic musician. Last year he collaborated with a Grammy-award winning audio engineer from Solange’s team to bring us his debut “Lamba” which was premiered on the PGM Radio Show. This year, he and his newly synthesized afro organic band ‘The Dark Assassins’, bring us this gentle vibration, recorded live, Titled “Exposé (Kiraní).

Stiques emphasizes on his newly found organic ideology as the future of Afrobeats and African music as a whole. He believes that in a highly technological world, the depth and spirit of music are in its most elementary form, that concentrates on capturing the actual vibrations of physical instruments as opposed to software use which is highly common these days.

The International Council For Infinite Articulate Lambastiqulation presents Stiques & The Dark Assassins in ‘Exposé (Kiraní)’, the live recorded version.

We at the PGM Club recommend you update your playlist with this amazing tune!


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