On Thursday, the 18th of March. There was an unconfirmed speculation making the rounds about a potential deal between Industry giants SONY and the world’s number one music streaming site; SoundCloud. In the early hours of Friday, the 19th SoundCloud released an official statement confirming the rumors. This deal would translate to huge benefits and more exposure for artistes under the SONY music platform, as well as provides a bigger platform for new artists to showcase their craft. Read the official statement below:
Announcing our partnership with Sony Music

Today, we’re happy to announce more big news for the SoundCloud community: our deal with Sony Music Entertainment is now complete. With more than 110 million tracks on the platform, the addition of SME’s repertoire will make SoundCloud even move vast and diverse.

What does this mean for listeners?
If you’re a SoundCloud listener, this means you’ll get even more tracks to discover and enjoy. You’ll soon have access to music from SME’s exceptional roster of emerging artists and global superstars.

What does this mean for creators?
If you’re an artist signed to SME or its affiliated and distributed labels, including those distributed by The Orchard and RED Distribution, you’ll now have a way to make money off your tracks on SoundCloud. You’ll also get access to SoundCloud’s promotional tools, analysis and data in order to build deeper direct relationships with your fans.

If you’re not directly signed to Sony, there’s still good news. This deal further strengthens SoundCloud’s unique ecosystem as a place where all forms of music and audio creation can live.

Having deals in place with all three major music labels means we can continue to build a unique platform and empower our community of more than 18 million artists to share their work and connect directly with their fans. It also means listeners will have even more excellent music and audio to discover.

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March 18, 2016
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