Listen To Simi’s New -Track EP “Restless II”

One of Nigeria’s leading singers Simi has released her new EP  “Restless II” in partnership with Apple’s artist services company, Platoon. This is a project we were introduced just a couple weeks ago with the release of its lead single ‘No Longer Beneficial’, her first since her chart-topping ode to her unborn child, ‘Duduke’.

In this single, Simi is at a crossroad which would be familiar to many. The one where two people who are romantically engaged find themselves with conflicting interests. She and her muse have been involved with one each other for a while as friends with benefits. And as it often happens in situations like this, the guy started to catch feelings, one he openly expressed to Simi for them to take their relationship to the next level.

But Simi isn’t down for that at all. At least, not now. She’s only here for a good time. “He say he wan be my lover, he say he wan do forever. But I ain’t down for that,” she sings. So before things get out of hand, she’s opting to pull out of whatever they have together because in her own words, “it was good while it lasted oh, don’t let me take you for granted…”

“Restless II” EPcontains just six tracks, featuring apperances from MS BAnks, Wurld as well as her hsband and freqent collaborator, Adekunle Gold.  Enjoy the project above and let us know what you think. ALso remember to check out the just-released viduals for ‘No Longer Beneficial’ below.


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