Simi is all sparks in Naked Wire

Studio Brat Boss, Simi has put out a new single titled Naked Wire. Naked Wire serves as a follow up to her last release Sare, which makes it her second record of the year. Naked Wire also happens to be the official first single from her next album titled ‘To Be Honest’ to be released at a yet undisclosed date.

In Naked Wire, Simi wantonly sings about desire. She is all heat, sparks and flames as she explains all the things her object of desire does to her. Being next to him alone is enough to send currents down her spine. In an open and receptive tone, she’s down for whatever pleasure this fierce attraction she feels might bring to her. Not just open, in fact, she’s begging for it. Literally “drowning from desire” as she so sweetly and enchantingly sings;

You light my fire
A burning fire
And when you’re next to me
I know you feel my desire
You spark my wire
My naked wire
Drownin’ in the depths of my desire

Listen to this P.priime produced tune here


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