Shalom Dubas Comes Through With “Gold.”

The Seattle-born rapper and singer, Shalom Dubas needs no introduction to the Nigerian music industry. After making her debut in 2017, Shalom has continued to tell stories about life and her personal experiences. The first time I heard Shalom on a record was when she got featured on Show Dem Camp’s “Clone Wars 5: The Algorhythm.” since then, I have been hooked to her music. After making her 2022 debut, Shalom presents us with a new record tagged “Gold.” 


The song is ushered in by guitar strings and a sombre reflection of Shalom’s struggles with music, life and relationships. She sings, “No material to write about so I struggle rap. I’m 24 and still trying to figure this shit out,” acknowledging that these lines come from her experience and don’t follow a template. Her voice is quite clear. The boldness in her voice is captivating and shines throughout the record. Shalom’s harmonies play in the background and show that she is not only a talented wordsmith. It also displays her vocals.

The lyrics are filled with the longing in her heart. “Don’t do that thing where you disappear. Each summer you always leave me and then in November, you always return,” she tells her lover and hopes he stays by her side at all times. On “Gold,” Shalom Dubas explores themes like love, mental health, seeking therapy and figuring life out. She glides seamlessly over the beat and throws words that carry so much weight with levity. With “Gold,” Shalom Dubas intends to remind listeners of her abilities and keeps them anticipating her next move. Listen to “Gold” here.


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