Serving Everything Pretty – Pretty Boy D-O’s Debut Album

After disturbing the scene with his single Footwork,  Pretty Boy D-O hasn’t stopped once. The artist has proved twice over that he is not a one-hit-wonder with Itty Bitty and Chop Elbow. Pretty Bot D-O has officially released his debut album  Everything Pretty across all streaming platforms.

This artist has a street style that is all his own; the kind of music that has you feeling like you can take on Goliath in a no-holds-barred fight. The mixtape features Falz, Sugarbana, Santi, Esojay Luciano and a rich selection of other young talent bringing the fearless energy Prett Boy is known for. D-O told Konbini concerning this project “I just basically wanted to make something that any young person can identify with. I wanted to make something for people who are in this transitional phase to identify with, no matter where you’re from. I really want the message of self-belief to resonate because this project is basically a middle finger to naysayers. I want to pass the message that as long as you know what you’re doing and you’re grinding, you’re a diamond in the rough”. The project features the hits Itty Bitty and Footwork, with the new fire to fill your ears – Pull Up featuring Santi especially – and we’re definitely here for it.

Everything Pretty is nothing less than what you would expect from Pretty Boy D-O; it actually goes harder than whatever you may have expected.


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