Cruel Santino Reunites With Octavian On ‘End Of The Wicked’

In May 2019, Santi released his highly anticipated debut album “Mandy & The Jungle“. Many saw it as one of the best albums released last year, some weren’t exactly sold, while a few others could just understand or connect to it. But one thing is certain; that album will go down as a cult-classic especially in the alte space and among young audiences. But ever since its release, Santi has been near-silent, save for his appearances on team-ups with Goldlink, Tochi Bedford, Octavian and a couple others. But today comes great news for fans who have been holding their breaths for new music from the alte frontman.

First, he officially announces his change of name – yet again – to Cruel Santino due to copyright issues. Also, Santi is back with new music, joining forces with UK rapper Octavian just a few months after their team-up on ‘Poison’ with Obongjayar.

Enjoy the new single above.


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