Santi – Suzie’s Funeral EP

It’s the 4th of July, 2016 and all I have been listening to since I woke at 4.30am is the new mixtape from Santi (Ozzy B) titled Suzie’s Funeral… Wait for it.

Before I go further about the mixtape, I would like to reintroduce this young cat to you.

Ozzy B or Santi as he is now called is an alternative rapper/singer from Nigeria who combines different genres of music to produce his unique sound. He grew up with a passion for music starting at an early age after listening to his dad’s old records. He started acting at the age of 10 and went into music professionally at the age of 16. He dropped a mixtape in July 2011, which welcomed a lot of buzz and reviews as one of the best Mixtapes ever in Nigeria. He was also one of the ambassadors for Nokia of the successful 2012 ‘Don’t break the beat’ campaign alongside rappers Phenom and Muna. Wizkid also referred to Ozzy B as one of the best artists in Nigeria. Nigerian Icon M.I is also fond of the rapper Ozzy B labelling him as simply talented. In 2013 Ozzy B released a 12 track EP called the Birth of Santi, which was labeled a pioneer in the new generation of Nigerian music and now he drops his third and highly anticipated project called Suzie’s funeral.

Ozzy B

The third project titled Suzie’s Funeral fuses Santi’s unique sounds and different genres of music and ultimately creates his own sound.


In his words, Santi describes this project as a journey through joy, trials, hard work, sadness and peace which all came together to create “Suzie”. The beauty of this project is the fact that it represents a strong statement about the next generation of artists coming from Nigeria.

The bulk of the production was kept close to home and done by Santi’s Monster Boys including Bankyondbeatz, GMK, and Genio Bambino. The project, on the other hand, features many new school acts including Tomi Thomas, Bris B, Odunsi, Omagz, Bad Bridge and Tay.

For the lyrical content, production and feel good factor when listening to this great piece of art, we at rate this project solid 8/10.

Suzie’s Funeral by SANTI, is available for download right here.

You can also enjoy the Ep on the D’Playlist in the player below.


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