Santi Shares Dark and Intense Video for ‘Raw Dinner’ Featuring Kida Kudz

Santi has been called so many things: a genius, alte frontliner, a genre-bending act, an eccentric artist and even more extremely, a cultist. The latest came as a result of the abundance of horror and dark-themed elements prevalent in his music videos. And now, Santi is owning that narrative, particularly with the new music video for the Kida Kudz-assisted ‘Raw Dinner‘, a standout cut off his debut album, “Mandy and the Jungle.

Spanning over eight minutes, the video is a layered horror mini-movie that may take some time to uncover and understand fully. With the video telling a grim tale featuring witches, zombies, mad doctors, psych patients, severed head served on a platter and dark magic, don’t be surprised at the reincarnation of the Illuminati tag in relation to Santi.

Although as you watch your mind might be running at double speed, unravelling the concepts and trying to make sense of the madness, the video is no doubt entertaining. It’s always a delight to watch Santi’s videos as he puts so much thought and energy into his visuals and it shows.

In usual fashion, the self-directed video is inspired by classic Nollywood, and this reflects in the roll-out style of the closing credits of the movie. It also features Evi Edna Ogoli‘s classic number, ‘Happy Birthday‘.

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