Right Before The Fame – Joey Decorum

If you hear anyone say again that Hip-Hop in Nigeria is dead, refer them to Right Before The Fame by rapper/songwriter/producer/videographer Joey Decorum.

This young man made waves while still studying at the University of Lagos in 2015 with his single Photophobic with rapper Ziggy2G. Making music for a minute, Joey released his debut EP aptly titled Right Before The Fame early this year and this writer is sorry she’s just bringing it to you. The EP got heat when it came out for fan faves Rec001 featuringMyEx, So Wavy and WMW (Right Before The Fame). This EP is completely self-written and produced by DJ Kraizee, KachyVibes, The Sheriff, the other throne and Synesthetic with special assistance from Vaedar, qvxdri, thelookTM and WNDRFL.

The EP tells stories of heartbreak and hurt and also of an artist that will reach the pinnacle. This is an EP you should buy.


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