Ric Hassani is unforgiving and wishes thunder on his ex in “Thunder fire you”

Ric Hassani who stole our hearts as the perfect gentleman isn’t very gentlemanly in his first single for the year ” Thunder fire you “. Fed up with the cheating, lies and gossip, he dissolves his relationship but not before wishing his ex and her friends electrocution by thunder. He is upset and bitter with his estranged ex who he considers unworthy of his love and refuses to take the higher road of love and light. Knowing dating in Nigeria, we perfectly understand and might have even at one point wished the same to our exes.  A painful relationship can turn the purest of souls cold. The first 100 “Thunder fire you” Merch has already been sold out.

“Thunder fire you” is the 5th track on his 17 track album ” The Prince I Became” to be released on Friday. “Thunder fire you” was produced by Tedy Keny, Deeyasso and Ric Hassani. Mixing and Mastering by DeeYasso.

To watch its official video, click here.



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