Ria Boss pays a tribute to her grandmother on ‘Remember.’

Ghanaian-Burkinabe R&B/Neo soul singer and songwriter Ria Boss has released her debut album titled ‘Remember.’ The artist, who took a break from releasing music to focus on live performances, previously released one of the songs off the album tagged ‘Somali Rose’ a few days ago, to let fans get the taste of the iceberg of what is to come. Now, the artist has finally released the 11-track project, which features artists like Joey b, T’Neeya, Ko-Jo Cue, and Alee. It is worthy to note that ‘Remember’ is a tribute to Ria’s grandmother, and in an interview with Y107.9FM, she said, “The album ‘Remember’ is dedicated to my grandmother. When I lost her was the first time I lost someone so intimately close to me. I had to grapple with myself about who I was without her.”

On the opener track ‘Remember,’ Ria talks about the pain she feels after the passing of her grandmother “Never thought I’ll get my senses back feel like myself again.” She sings about the aftermath of losing someone close and having to grasp that the person is no longer there. She sings, “Some days, feels like bed is the only home I know. Some days, I feel like hurt is the only thing that I’ve known. I only keep on doing it for your memory, your memory,” Ria sings with evident hurt in her voice. She talks about the good times she spent with her grandmother,” Love was good, love was steady blooming,” and hopes her message gets to her wherever she is, and come rescue her from the hurt she feels: “Can you hear me? Wherever you are, I’ll wish upon a Star.” She promises never to forget her grandmother “I will never forget you.” ‘Remember’ sets the tone of the album, and you already get a glimpse of the themes in the project ranging from loss to love, self-love, and many more. Ria’s voice carries her emotions, and with each word, you know that she is still hurting from loss. “The grief just gets tiring, the pain still residing.” At 5:57 seconds, ‘Remember’ is an effortless opener and sets the tone for the album.

‘Somali Rose’ comes in as the next track on the album with soft piano keys and drums in the background, and Ria’s voice dripped with love. Here, the artist compares being in love to the calm feeling after rubbing Somali rose on one’s skin. “Slow dance with, give me love. Won’t you slow dance with me? Give me love.” In the next song tagged ‘Here,’ the artist talks about the hardships of adulthood: “Life is coming fast, and I’ve been braced for it, whatever comes next is hard to say. Kind of underestimated adulthood,” she sings from her own experience of navigating life as an adult. Although life might be unfair sometimes, she is not fazed but faces them head-on encouraging herself with lyrics like “This is all there, but I’m still up for it.”

In ‘Tides,’ the artist is a hopeless romantic who talks about her perfect relationship “I’m a part of you, and you’re a part of me. Kiss me like you mean, oh, I must be dreaming. Why it feels so good each time.” Over the song’s hook, she promises to make her lover feel good, loving, “Ama make you feel good love.” The sixth track, ‘Obed’s Interlude,’ has Ria singing all about the mushy feelings she gets when she is with her lover and telling him never to let her go. “You give me fever, boy; say, when you kiss me. You give me fever, boy, all through the night. Don’t you let go of your love for me.” ‘Obed’s Interlude’ is the perfect love song for slow dancing in your lovers’ arms with Ria’s voice playing in the background.

On the eighth track, Ria features rapper Joey B on ‘Destiny,’ and on this song, they eulogize the strength of a woman. “Fuck this bitches let them talk. You a bad bitch, that’s for sure,” Joey sings, encouraging women to live their lives freely and embrace their power; Ria comes in with lyrics like, “Trying to underestimate the power that she got, but you can never stop it that’s destiny.” ‘No Limit’ follows the same theme of empowerment evident in ‘Destiny,’ on this track, Ria encourages everyone to keep pushing till victory is theirs “Don’t quit, till there’s victory.”

With added vocals from Alee, ‘Real Love’ is a classic love song. Here, Ria describes what love is. Love isn’t just all about roses and kisses. “Love is work, love is hard,” love takes a lot of work, but nowadays, people think love is all about making romantic Tiktok videos and making playlists; love is more. The last track, ‘Kisses Under The Moon,’ has the artist singing about a special kind of love she experiences in her relationship. In this song, she paints a picture of her love story and talks about her muse with so much admiration and love “Fingers intertwined, you and me we high. Kiss under the moon. I know you feel it too.”

For a debut album, Ria Boss has done a fantastic job. Her vocals were clear and strong; the songs were perfectly arranged; kudos to NiiQuaye Aryee and The Musical Lunatics and the producers that worked on the project; they created magic. ‘Remember’ is a soulful album that showcases Ria’s romantic side with love songs like ‘Somali Rose,’ ‘Kisses Under The Moon,’ ‘Real love,’ and many more. Ria’s voice carried every form of emotion she wanted to portray, whether it was hurt or love; if you listen closely, you can hear each emotion. The instrumentals were top-notch, and collaborations were perfectly selected. You’d notice the album because it sounds like a live performance, and I think Ria’s decision to take a break from releasing music to focus on Live performances was felt in this project. The listener is transported to a real live performance with every song, and this is where ‘Remember’ shines. Listen to the project here and let us know what you think; if you have listened to the project, what is your favorite track? My favorite track off the album is ‘Damn’ ft T’Neeya let us know yours.


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