Review Of D-Truce’s Debut Album “2 Birds 1 Stone”

The review of D-Truce’s debut album “2 Birds, 1 Stone” is one we enjoyed doing considering that the project is a straight listen with no skips.

D-Truce has come a long way since his appearance on Modenine‘s acclaimed mixtape “Occupy The Throne” released back in 2012. On the song ‘Primetime Exhibit A’ with the veteran Modenine and M-Trill, Truce who was then just 17 refused to get overshadowed and left a lasting impression. Ever since, he has continuously dished out memorable verses, put out mixtapes and EPs, been in and out of a label, and now works a day job as an advertising creative which he juggles alongside his music career.

Just right after releasing the first video of “The Back Benchers Vol.1” his joint EP with Tyler Riddim released last year, D-Truce announced the release of his debut album which was a surprise to many considering how long D-Truce has been in the game.

2 Birds 1 Stone” is a personal project in the sense that these songs were crafted off direct experiences he has been through, working a day job while still creating music in the city of Lagos.

Containing only six tracks, D-Truce makes up for the short tracklist with the length of the tracks with four tracks containing two songs fused together spanning an average of six minutes. As he revealed on the PGM Radio Show, all the tracks are two-sided with both sides playing into each other.

The album opens to a singing D-Truce demanding the price of freedom. On the ‘Freedom‘, D Truce is on a quest for a good life while subtly lamenting at the sardonic reality in which Nigeria finds itself in the same breath. He fiddles with the idea of leaving the country for greener pastures, however, he is quick to also remind himself that every place has its struggles. “Wish I was on the other side of the Atlantic/But I might get shot on some gang shit or the cops might be up with some ape shit.” He raps, recognizing the grim reality of African-Americans and Africans in the diaspora.

On ‘Celebrity Champagne‘, D-Truce renders in both English and his native language, coming for those who live above their means all while trying to maintain a fake fancy lifestyle. The songs smoothly transitions into ‘Mom’s Mercedes’  a head-bopping hip-hop tune with hard snares as D-Truce lays a verse describing how he tries to stay focused and keep to his grind just so he can truly appreciate his mom.

Feel/Conversations‘ is an overly bouncy track that sees D-Truce switching from a passionate romantic to the all-focused hustler who has time for nothing but his goals. “Chasing money got me missing out on beautiful things/ chasing all these goals I’m trying to wear the championship ring.” He also affirms he is fine with being independent will taking snarky shots at labels.

Roll Up/The Hotbox Skit‘ sees Truce and his frequent collaborators 3rty, Dewa and Tyler Riddim all just having fun doing what they do best.

D-Truce lends his voice to the ongoing outrage at police harassment and brutality by youths particularly in Lagos with the song ‘Oga Police‘. On the track which features Paybac and Slayvell, D-Truce is relaxed and assertive as he recounts his experience with the raving menace. Paybac, on the other hand, is particularly raw and relentless as he points out the hypocrisy of the force in the performance of their duties. On the second side of this track, ‘9 to 5 Interlude’ D-Truce shares how he tries to juggle his day job and his music career. He also demands his due as he flexes “so do put some respeck on my name/ Young OG that’s the level that I play

The final track, ‘City of Excellence’ features two stand-out verses off the project. Over a classic boom-bap beat and an infectious bassline, D-Truce gives an ode to the hustling spirit in the financial capital of Nigeria. Also pointing out the vices and horrors in the city,  D-Truce calmly and eloquently reminds us that like many other youths, he is seriously considering looking for his promise land somewhere far away from here.

On “2 Birds 1 Stone”, D-Truce sounds calm and collected. It bears the mark of a creative who has transcended from the level of just being a gifted rapper who has something to prove, to a higher level of artistry, concerned about sharing his experiences over beautifully crafted sonics and telling his stories. On the project, D-Truce’s skill as a rapper, singer, catchy-hook craftsman and an all-around creative are on full display.

This is indeed a confident debut offering, the product of a creative who seems to have divested himself off label or industry pressures. D-Truce put a lot of time (about 2 years) and thought process into the creation of this album and it shows.

Although it is admissible that, “2 Birds 1 Stone” may not record much mainstream commercial success, due to the emphasis and glorification of dance music in our ecosystem, the level of artistry displayed on this project proves D-Truce worthy of our undivided attention.  

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