Remy Baggins takes up role of wicked playboy in his new single ‘Sample’

For the lovers of Good Music, New music Sample is out from Remy Baggins. Sample is for the pretty, hot chicks that the man dem are moving to but only for a quick, passionate fling rather than long term commitment. The flirty playboy has no shame in announcing his desire to engage in a one night rendevous. He is interested in nothing more than delivering his banana,as stated in the song, rather than being held down. Indeed, the singer is not here for a long time but a good time.

The beat of the song is fire and the song shows the versality of the singer switching between various genres of music, deviating from his usual rap style. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Remy Baggins himself. The vernacular lyrics adds gusto to the artist’s basal desire to sample his beautiful muse. The genre of the song is Afropop-Ampiano.

Previous works of the singer includes; ; VIV (2016), eigengrau (2017), YLLW (with Eri Ife, 2018), HENTAI (2019), SAKURA(2020). We at The PGM Club highly recommend this song. Click here to listen


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