Remy Baggins Gets Zoned In ‘As Friends Tho’

One of Nigeria’s most promising singer-producers Remy Baggins has released a new record titled ‘As Friends Tho’. This is Remy’s first drop of 2020 and also the lead single of his coming EP, “Sakura.” Scheduled for release exactly a week from now, the Remy solo project will contain just four songs. This will be the follow-up to his well-received 2019 ‘sextape’, “Hentai” which featured appearances from Ladipoe, Tomi Thomas, Funbi and his frequent collaborator, Dami Oniru.

The fresh release, ‘As Friends Tho’ is a very short tale of unrequited love, in a dimension we are all too familiar with: friend-zoning. The single is produced by a capable duo of Illythagreat and Remy, while it’s engineering is solely handled by Remy himself.

It opens with Remy Baggins daydreaming about his new love interest. He is blown away by the damsel who happens to be his friend. But at this point, Remy wants something much more intimate than mere friendship. He toys with the idea of them being in a romantic relationship and eventually opens up to her. In fact, he is almost sure the feeling is mutual, but she is quick to snap him back to reality.

Regardless of his utopian promises, she isn’t swayed. Unlike Remy who is starting to catch feelings, all she wants is friendship and nothing more.

We really don’t know if this single is inspired by real-life events or not. But one thing is sure, it’s one we can all relate to at different levels. Listen to the record above and share your own zoning experiences.


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