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Promising Neo-soul singer Yinka delivers debut EP, It’s All Love

It’s All Love is ironically made up of 3 anti-love songs, each of a different genre (neo-soul, afro-soul, and pop/ alt-Rnb).

With this project, Yinka sets out to demonstrate her versatility as an artist, delving into Neo-Soul, Afrofusion, and Alternative genres, whilst also revealing her unorthodox stance on relationships and attraction. Combining her floating melodies and engaging storytelling style, she hopes to create a unique and enjoyable experience for her listeners.

The music of the genre-defying R&B musician Yinka is regarded as simultaneously tranquil and tumultuous. If not approached with an open mind, it might even be perplexing.

The music’s message does not change even when her lyrics or the genre change in the middle of a song. Her lyrics are typically less conventional, but her calming vocal performances and flawless production choices provide for a velvety listening experience. She addresses difficult but realistic issues with love, mental health, and self-identity in her writing, reflecting the complex mentality of Gen-Z. Her first single “Get Myself Together” dropped in April 2022 and focused on mental health and finding herself.

Stream “it’s all love” here.

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