Preyé Itams Stands Against Oppression and Injustice On ‘Man In The Wind’

So much has been happening lately. Even in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s an ongoing worldwide uprising against injustice and oppression. Inspired by the recent murder of George Floyd by American police officers, there have been a series of protests in the West where Black people are simply demanding to be seen as humans. And over here, the recently reported cases of sexual violence have motivated our nationwide stand against the assault, rape and murder of our women.

It is this worthy cause the gifted singer Preyé Itams lends her voice to with her new single ‘Man In The Wind‘. “As we’ve seen recently, everyone has a part to play in transforming these problems. As an artist, the purest way for me to express myself and to raise awareness is through music. This record, Man in The Wind is different from my usual sound but this is how I feel at the moment. FOR TINA. FOR GEORGE. FOR AHMAUD. FOR UWA. For all the victims, known and unknown.” she says.

Man In The Wind‘ is an instrumentally rich reggae tune that plays as a hymn against oppression and injustice. “Could there be love with all this hate have seen?” she asks.

“Arent you tired of the injustice?” The songs serve as a wake-up call to shrug off our negligence and lacklustre stand against injustice. No one can fight for us, but we ourselves.

She calls us to get off our screens and take to the streets to let our grievances be known by those in power. Those with the influence to make real changes. This horrific situation has grown beyond hashtags and solidarity tweets. We have to get our boots on the ground and march out. Preye reminds us that “if we were tired enough then we get off our phones and get on the streets.”

‘Man In The Wind’ might be short, but its message is simple and clear – join the uprising and cleanse our land. Join Preye in taking a stand above.


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