Preye brings us one step closer to her debut EP with “Crayons.”

As we get closer to the release of Preye’s debut EP “Don’t Look Down,” the artist has shared a new Joyce Olong-produced track titled “Crayons.” The Afrofusion R&B singer is no doubt going to deliver good music in her project, letting every song reflect a particular moment in our lives as she did in “Malibu.” A love song that poses the artist as a confident lover who wants to give her all to her muse and she wants the same gesture from him.

In “Crayons,” Preye is all about keeping herself in the colours that feel up the world and discovering the world’s wonder. Drawing inspiration from Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist,” she sings, “Just ask the alchemist, we travelled far fourteen-hour trip, with a sun and a guitar,” drawing reference from Santiago’s adventure in the book. With lyrics like, “In a world where it’s black and white and grey, I saw with my eyes no angles and no lines oh. In my world there is wonder, here there’s colour I’m lost in a box of crayons,” she lets listeners know that she chooses to see colours beyond white, black and grey in the world and wants her mind to be free. The song was written by Preye, Joyce Olong and Kanna Anigbogun. 

“Crayons” is a song about finding the beautiful colours and experiencing the wonder life has “In my world, there is wonder, here there’s colour.” Listen to “Crayons” here and begin to experience life’s wonders.



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