PGM Radio Show with Phlow & Oma Mahmud

Nigeria is full of good music and the PGM Club got to spend time with two amazing artistes pushing good music; Hennessey VS Class alumnus; Phlow and the Pegasus singer; Oma Mahmud. Phlow was in to talk about her new and upcoming projects and she dropped mad punches with the new release 6Shots. Phlow talks about her struggle as a female emcee in Nigeria and about the equally daunting struggle of promoting her music. Since starting in 2015, Phlow (formerly known as Phlowetry) has released quite a number of productions including Mind, Body, and Phlow in 2016 and Asuai. The rapper makes a call for female rappers to work together and not tear each other down: ‘We’re few and there’s enough space for all of us.’ She says. Oma Mahmud graced us with his presence to talk about his EP; Pink. His latest single, Broken Promises is an ode to the slow demise of hurried relationships and the dangers of trying to change a person at their core. The singer says ‘if I’m the way I am and I’m comfortable with it, I’m not going to change’.

The #SayNoToPay4Play conversation continues, but it remains incomplete without the voices of the artists who bear the brunt of this cruel joke. And yet, as there are always two sides to a story, is it unfair to demonize the OAPs in support of the payola movement? Questions continue to pop up as our conversation continues.

Listen here.


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