PGM Radio Discusses Patriarchy in Nigerian Music Scene And Lyrics


On this special episode of the PGM Radio Show, in celebration of Women’s History month; we hosted the amazing team from Femme Africa. We sat down to discuss the Nigerian music scene and its affinity to patriarchy.

Dissecting the lyrics of a popular Nigerian rapper, we delved into the world of feminism and its inherent clamor for equality across genders. Beginning with word definitions, we also discussed the term ‘Misogyny’ as opposed to ‘sexism’, its misconceptions and real-life applications.

Drawing opinions from our hosts and members of the club, we had an intense, yet truly informative session.

In furtherance of our strong support and belief in feminism, we will be continuing these conversations throughout the month of March. Next week we shall be having some really interesting guests, so tune in next week Wednesday, by 10 pm to follow the conversation on The Beat 99.9 FM.

Listen to the podcast to get the full story.


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