Paybac’s Much-Teased “Cult” Album Is Just 10 Days Away

One of Nigeria’s most prolific rappers and recent Headies nominee Paybac is already set to release his much-teased album, “Cult.” Just a few hours ago, he revealed on Twiter that the new LP is just a few days away, scheduled for release on Friday, March 27.

This would be Paybac’s first project since his collaborative “Lost and Found” album with fellow rap luminary, Boogey. This is the project many rap heads swear – by the old gods and the new – that is the best Nigerian hip-hop album of 2019. This is also Paybac’s first solo album since 2018 when he walked us through the dark corridors of his genius mind on “The Biggest Tree.”

Paybac gave us a peek into the imminent album last year with singles like ‘Boy Band’ and ‘Activ8’. And if these singles are anything to go by, we are in for a thrilling sonic joyride. We are about to experience Paybac in full, not just as a rapper but in the different shades of his artistry.

Paybac is evolving with every single project and it’s pretty much exciting to be on that journey with him.

In ‘Boy Band’, he is so full of life as he sings with a happy-go-lucky air in his raspy voice. In his ‘if Fela, the Beatles and Kanye had a baby’ style about his carefree life over soft percussions and organ keys. The song is produced by LearnTheCreator and samples ‘Acid Rock‘ by the 70s Afro-Rock Band, The Funkees.

‘Activate’, on the other hand, finds Paybac is in his element. Over sombre keys, he delievers stream-of-consciousness verses about how he keeps pushing against all odds in this country. The patriotic record is dedicated to Samuel Okwaraji, a footballer who died on the pitch about 30 years ago in a World Cup qualifier match against Angola.

Don’t worry, it’s fine to keep your hopes up for this album because if there’s one thing we know; it’s that Paybac doesn’t disappoint.


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