P-Square releases their first project after 5 years.

The story of the Nigerian music scene would be incomplete without mentioning the legendary duo P-square. After gaining the attention of Nigerians with hit songs and energetic dance moves in the 2000s with songs like “Busy Body,” “Personally,” “Testimony,” “Bank Alert” and more; the duo split up in 2017 thereby giving birth to Rudeboy and Mr.P.

Ever since their breakup, fans have been clamouring for a reunion by putting out old the group’s old music videos and creating hashtags in hopes of a possible comeback. Well, it looks like the god of pop has heard the pleas of its people as the duo are back together once more to give us their signature tune. Rumours of their reunion started filtering in when pictures of the artists together started surfacing on the internet. Fans began to hold on to bits of hope for a possible comeback and in November 2021, P-square announced the rejuvenation of the group after several years of making separate records and pushing their sounds.

While speaking about the new singles they had this to say, “The decision to release two singles at the same time came from the need to make it up to our fans after our sojourn as individual artists, and to show our creative growth. ‘Jaiye (Ihe Geme)’ is a catchy upbeat track we believe is the perfect vibe for the summer, while ‘Find Somebody’ delivers that unmistakable P-Square vibe with a twist. We can’t wait to share more from our album in the coming months”.

With a promised tour and album in sight, the artists have officially released their first project together, a two-pack single tagged Jaiye (Ihe Geme) and “Find Somebody.” Both songs fall in their signature club banger and make us remember what we have missed. The songs which were produced and written by the duo are sure to cause a rave on their upcoming tour. Listen to the songs here and enjoy.


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