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PGM Radio w Oxlade & Etuk

Oxlade, Etuk Ubong premiere new projects on PGM Radio (Quarantine Edition)

Welcome to another edition of The PGM Radio Show. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had an online session, with members of the club joining in via Zoom and Instagram Live. It was an unforgettable experience.

We had two amazing acts on the show; first, we had Etuk Ubong, trumpeter and composer of international repute in the ‘building’. We talked about his new album, titled ‘Africa Today’ slated for release later in June this year. He also gave us an exclusive listen to the first single of his album titled Purpose Of Creation which explores themes of injustice and spirituality while blending a mix of afrobeat, highlife, and jazz to create a wonderful symphony. A type of sound he calls ‘Earth music’.

Next, we had a listen to one of the most beautiful albums out this year. Oxygene! By talented act; Oxlade. This body of work which boasts of amazing songs such as O2, weakness and away promises to be on the charts for a long while.

Listen to the podcast to get the complete story.

From all of us at The PGM Club, we continue to admonish you to stay indoors, wear face marks if you absolutely need to go out, wash and sanitize your hands. Together we will fight this pandemic to a standstill.

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