Onyinye is all about letting go on ‘Be Gone.’

Nigerian singer/songwriter Onyinye delivers a message of letting go of a certain kind of love that wears you out in the song ‘Be Gone,’ this is the artist’s first official release for the year and also one of her first releases after the release of her debut EP ‘Solo Musings’ in 2020. The artist describes ‘Be Gone’ as a soulful, subtle anthem that examines how it’s like to generally expunge negative energy in relationships and life. ‘Be Gone’ is a song everyone can relate to because, to be honest, we have all been in situations where we had to let go of someone or something for our sanity or because it simply drained us of our energy.

With catchy beats produced by Midebeatz and led by Onyinye’s vocals, the track gives off a ‘Damn You Delilah’ vibe as it explores cutting off a relationship built on toxicity. Onyinye sings, “Don’t be stressing me, all your calls be vexing me. It’s alright; it’s meant to be; you are not the one for me. I’m so tired of you go on, be gone, be gone cus I’m so tired.” Everyone expects you to endure toxic relationships because love is supposed to endure all, but what about you? You matter too, so let go and let them be gone. Stream ‘Be Gone’ here and let us know your thoughts about the song.


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