Omawumi calls out Bullshit on her new single

Multi-talented Singer and Songwriter, Omawumi fondly called Oma wonder calls out Bullshit on her latest single. Bullshit is her debut for the year and a follow up to her 2020 Lituation and Megbele. This is also the first single off her forthcoming album. This new track is focused on all the rubbish people hand out to others. From politicians to influencers, even  Lagos traffic is not spared. She admonishes people to keep most of their opinions to themselves and not spill bullshit to others in the name of having an opinion;


Most people are giving you bullshit
Your government is saying bullshit
And it is not like you don’t want ’cause you sef you are taking that bullshit
Influencers are spewing bullshit
Lagos traffic is entirely bullshit
So I don’t see anything wrong to write a song and title it bullshit


Produced by Ty Mix. Click here to listen. The official video which interprets the song simply and  beautifully is also out.

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