Omah Lay’s Debut EP “Get Layd” Sets Him As A Star To Look Out For

One interesting thing about the Nigerian music space is that it’s an industry tightly packed with young talented acts with so much to prove. And one artist whose name has been on everyone’s lips this past week is the Port Harcourt singer, Omah Lay. Ever since he released his debut and introductory EP, “Get Layd”, the youngster seems to have gotten cosigns from most of the big players in the industry. Commercially, the EP is also doing very well. A quick scan of the Apple Music Nigeria chart finds Omah Lay securing four spots out of the top ten. He also comfortably sits m on the number one and two spots with ‘Bad Influence’ and ‘You’.

We got our first taste of his fluid melodies when he got introduced to us with ‘You’ on February 14. His overbearing confidence on the single made him sound like one whose raw talents have been silently forged into shining diamonds. Omah Lay came ready.

One of the gains of this brilliantly executed EP is that in less than a week of its release, Omah Lay has got the ears of the people. He has swiftly positioned himself to be one of the country’s most promising singers on the rise. Alongside the charts, he has also vaulted himself to mainstream consciousness. And with a run of subsequent quality releases, Omah Lay is not far from being a household name.

Rookie of the year? Next Rated? Who knows?

But one thing is certain: he’d be one of the success stories Afrobeats has to tell at the end of the year. With “Get Layd”, Omah Lay has pulled off what many only wish for; having the people’s undivided attention right from your debut. Enjoy the EP above.

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