Omagz, Wavy The Creator, What You Like!

If you’ve been following the banter between Omagz and Wavythecreator on social media, you’d be happy to hear that this new single by Omagz, featuring Wavythecreator is not just hype. ‘What You Like’ is everything we Good Music Lovers like.

The ease with which Omagz and Wavy glide through their verses on the song with such harmony, makes you wonder if we have found a new music duo shift aside Banky and DJ Yin.

‘What You Like‘ a mixture of electro and progressive house with a little bit of afro sprinkled on it, tells the tale of love between two minds trying to conquer their world and their hearts.  In it, Omagz keeps his voice soulful and steady, ‘burning the city with his desire’ while Wavy keeps things high as she always does with her vibe.

The production is beautiful, the kicks loop in a luring tone and the snare drum keeps your heart beating at a pace that keeps you in motion. The song is definitely different, like most of the new music emerging from the vibrant Nigerian youth music scene.

We at the club are happy to share this music with our PGM Community!


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