Odunsi Surprises Fans With New ‘Luv Issa Drug/Flood My Wrist’ Leak

Barely with a days notice, Odunsi The Engine has made a new record available via his Fridaycruise account on Soundcloud which anyone familiar with his art know is a steady source of lossies or leaks. Titled ‘luv issa drug/flood my wrist‘, this is a two-in-one release of tunes that he couldn’t just bring himself to finish. This drop would also be one of the first we’ve heard from Odunsi musically since he released his resonant 7-track “Everything You Heard Is True” project earlier in the year.

The record opens with the ‘Luv Issa Drug‘ song which takes us back to the Odusi we encountered on his celebrated debut album “rare.“, released in 2018. It sounds like a record cut off from the same cloth as the Runtown-assisted ‘Star Signs‘ with a dominant 90s disco influence. He tries to get the attention of his distant love interest on the breezy record which ends mid-verse.

Flood My Wrist‘ on the other hand find Odunsi on the dancefloor and sounds like a loosie that could have made the “Everything You Heard Is True” project. It has a dominant afrobeats feel esp with the cadence and delivery but twisted and refined with the alte-esque sonic experimentation. Although both records seem quite far apart in sound and theme, they are well blended in a near-perfect mix as smooth a Jack Daniel and Coke cocktail.

‘Luv Issa Drug/Flood My Wrist‘ is exclusively available on Soundcloud. Listen above and let us know what you think.


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