Nsikak Recruits Show Dem Camp & The Cavemen For ‘Dance 4 Me’

For a while now, some of us have been imagining what a Show Dem Camp and The Cavemen jam would sound like. But thanks to Nsikak, we don’t have to spend times in our head anymore; we have it right in our hands. The guitarist and member of the Collectiv3 has teamed up with these two groups who have carved out sonic niches for themselves on his new record ‘Dance4 Me’.

Produced by Spax, this record is palm wine music meets neo-highlife, which provides a very smooth blend given that palm wine music is also rooted in highlife. The song opens with a chilled verse from Tec with hums from The Cavemen and littered with guitar licks from Nsikak. And after Tec’s lone verse, Nsikak goes into full show-off mode as he blesses our ears with a thrilling guitar solo that just takes you out of this world.

No doubt, this is a record that’d be a delight to watch being performed live. And if there ever gets to be a Palmwine Fest later this year, ‘Dance 4 Me’ will have you rocking with the SDC.

Enjoy this record above.


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