Nostalgia With Phlow – Asuai Vol. 2

Hip-Hop artist Phlow released the follow up to her 2016 EP Asuai, Asuai Vol. 2 on her birthday in September this year and we were blown away by the beauty it brought with it.

If you enjoyed the nostalgia the audio provided, you’re going to enjoy the official video for this EP. The video follows Phlow through all her alter egos to appropriately punctuate the message each song seeks to pass across: “The visual for Phlow’s Asuai Vol. 2 is a 4-act show that depicts Phlow as four different individuals. It’s set in a classroom which acts as a motif throughout the 4-song playlist. She is gradually learning and growing in every scene as depicted by the different characters she portrays From the naive “Stephanie”, cynical “Asuai” to the devil may care “Phlow” and finally the matured “Ms Eyime”.  We see Phlow move from the simpler, more innocent times of Callow to a more self-aware period (On Your Own, Musing/Reverie) and watch finally as her journey ends with BYOH (Be Your Own Hero); a piece of advice to her younger self.


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