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Nonso Amadi aims to assuage worries with “Ease Up”

Nonso Amadi returned to the music scene from his three years hiatus in 2022 with a single titled Foreigner, followed swiftly by another single featuring the Canadian RnB duo Majid Jordan titled Different. Trying to make up for lost time, he is diligently putting out soothing RnB and Soul rhythms to once more steal the heart of his listeners. His most recent artistic endeavour “Ease Up” is a follow-up to his third release for the year 2022, “Eye to Eye.” Ease Up features sweet, cascading rhythms and lyrics. He announced the new single on Instagram with a post that said;

“It’s time to ‘ease up’. with everything that is going on i felt this was the perfect time for this one. out everywhere. link in bio. art by @sirduksalot”

He starts the song by mentioning all the stress triggers that cause distractions and confusion. He decides to take it easy on himself and relax. So instead of getting worked up, he unwinds in the bosom of pretty girls. He turns off his default fight mode and chooses to embrace ease instead, he encourages you to do the same.

We just wanna ease up
Forget the stress like you’ve got amnesia
Pretty girls with me, they wanna tease us
Give thanks to Jah for all of ma G’s yeah
Girl you gotta ease up
Damn, so many things I fit complain
Naij men are mad, you know the saying
But how man go sane when nothings changes

Not only has Nonso been consistent, but he has also dropped the ultimate chill song in his unique Afrofusion style. To unwind after a hard day’s work, listen to Ease Up here

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