No Land In Any Direction – FOREVATIRED

Nigerian sound is rapidly diversifying and it’s a delight to watch. Alt. Rock/Indie music that is melancholy is hardly listened to here in Nigeria, but that is slowly, but surely changing.

Enter Forever Tired – stylized as FOREVATIRED – a collective of young Nigerian artists formed in September 2017 led by Kyyd. The 15-man group includes rappers and vocalists, producers, photographers, videographers, graphic artists and muralists. The group collectively says ‘the idea of Forevatired has always been appealing—a large group of very talented friends working together to form a rap/alternative/soft rock band, all aged from their late teens to their early twenties, they have combined their separate skills to create and produce art that would stand out in its own unique way’.

They recently released their debut EP At The End Of Summer. Their latest single No Land In Any Direction written and performed by the group’s female lead vocalist Seo explores the theme of social anxiety. She says the inspiration for the song is drawn from ‘the insecurities, bitterness and frustrations that come with the human experience and social interaction and the feeling of being trapped having to satisfy the desires of the flesh, as well as the feeling of hopelessness, hence the name “No Land…’. Seo’s vocals are very soft and smooth on this one and it leaves an almost hypnotic effect on its listener, drawing one into the music.

FOREVATIRED is a movement The PGM Club is keen to watch.



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