Obongjayar drops debut album “Some Nights I Dream of Doors”

Obongjayar, remember the name.  Once considered a SoundCloud baby, it has become apparent that this Nigerian-born, London-based musician has matured contextually and musically with his distinct hoarse, commanding voice, fluttering between rap, soul, spoken word, and hip-hop.  His lyrics are nothing short of passionate, stirring, and incorporating spiritual overtones, although they are not readily identifiable with any religious tradition.

Obongjayar’s most recent acknowledgment in the music scene may have come from his collaboration with Sarz on their Sweetness project or his appearance on Little Simz’s Point and Kill song, off her indelible album, Sometime I might Be Introvert.   Many thought he had reached the boundaries of his soundscape, but when he stated that he didn’t want those collaborations to define him, we all knew we were in for a big surprise.

On February 22, Steven Umeh, aka.  Obongjayar announced via Twitter the release of his much-anticipated debut album titled Some Nights I Dream of Doors.

According to him, “this has been a dream of mine since I can remember, and saying I’ve released my first album is such a moment for me!  But saying I did it on my terms with no compromise or sway means even more! 🚪🔮🌪✨

The album, Some Nights I Dream of Doors represents a real coming of age.  The 12-track album consists of songs like Try, Message in a Hammer, Parasite, Some Night I Dream of Doors, New Man, Tinko Tinko (Don’t Play Me for a Fool), I Wish It Was Me, and Wind Sailor, to mention a few.  In it, he deftly moves through diverse sounds and subcultures while navigating a wealth of personal and political topics.  He makes sense of the various emotions that inform his personality and, eventually, his music.

There are no bounds to what Obongjayar will try musically.  You should listen to this album if you’re looking for a musical adventure.  The album will undoubtedly take you on one.  Stream here


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