Naya Akanji releases a new track ‘Closer.’

Since her debut in 2019, Nigerian singer and songwriter Naya Akanji has delivered a slew of good music listeners can relate to at whatever stage of their love lives. So far, she has released songs like ‘No Words,’ a collaborative EP with Lemar Abdul tagged ‘Vivid Emotions.’ She also featured on Sirbastien’s ‘Girlfriend’ and released her first official single of the year tagged ‘Temp Peopl3,’ where she talked about finding a home to escape from temporary people who keep doing things that bring no meaning to her.

Today, the singer released a new single titled ‘Closer.’ On this track, Naya sings about how she loves being close to her love interest ‘I wake up, and I need to feel your skin on mine’ she sings passionately. Over the Lemar Abdul produced song, she reaffirms her love for the warmth she feels when she is in her lover’s arms. She sings, “Gonna call you when I’m visiting your city, I want you babe. Love up on my body,” as she instructs her lover to want her and do things to her body. ‘Closer’ is an alluring, sensual song that would make listeners put the song on repeat because of its smooth sound and Naya’s vocals. Check out the song here and enjoy.


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